Starting an Interior Design Business: Tips, Tricks and Tools to Use

Sick of your 9-to-5 and trying to branch out into something a bit more creative? Leaving the desk job behind and starting your own business can be a brilliant idea. After all, small business owners tend to be far more satisfied than other workers across the country.

One great way to embrace your creative side is by working in interior design. Starting an interior design business can be a rewarding way to bring some beauty to the world and support yourself in the process.

That being said, there’s a number of things you’ll need to learn to get going. What do you need to know about how to go about starting an interior design business? Read on and we’ll walk you through the details.

Develop a Niche

There are all kinds of different spaces and people in this world, and each of them are going to have their own separate needs. The interior design of a posh Los Angeles hotel is going to be very different than a more homey business center in St. Louis, Missouri.

The important thing to consider as you start down the road of your new enterprise is who you want your audience to be. Finding interior design clients when you’re first getting started can be difficult, and throwing as wide of a net as possible isn’t likely to produce too much success.

Instead, focusing in on your ideal client and creating a niche around that kind of work will produce better results. The more you can hone in on the needs of your target audience, the more you can create a business and a brand that appeals to them.

Do plenty of research, look at existing spaces, and work to define the kind of design you want to embrace as much as possible.

Package and Promote

Once you’ve honed in on exactly what your vision for your work and business will be, you can start selling it. Starting out it can be difficult to know how much to charge. You’ll also want to stay competitive, but not go so low that clients don’t take you seriously.

Many interior decorators charge anywhere from $50 – $100 an hour for their time. This can give you a good place to start.

The more work and clients you get involved with, the higher you can push your rate upwards.

You’ll want to read up, as well, on how to run social media for interior designers. A visual medium like Instagram can be a great place to share your work and find new potential customers. It’s an important part of interior design marketing.

Find a quick and concise way to get across your brand, sensibility, and the services you offer on these kinds of sites. You might be surprised at just how quickly people come calling.

Starting an Interior Design Business

Need a business plan for getting your new design enterprise off the ground? The above information will provide all the basics you need to know about how to go about starting an interior design business. With a little hard work and focus, you can be living a creative, fulfilling lifestyle.

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