Spring Hawley Retainer: Correcting Minor Teeth Alignment Issues

Smiles are the world’s most universal language.

Taking care of your teeth and overall dental health is not only important for your health but also to keep you feeling happy and confident.

Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a picture-perfect smile. However, advancements in orthodontics have led to the Spring Hawley Retainer. It is a great solution for minor teeth alignment and rotation issues after dental treatment.

So if you’re looking to have your best smile ever then read on about the benefits of this orthodontic retainer!

What Are Spring Hawley Retainers?

Spring Hawley Retainers are one of the most common types of removable retainers. They are generally available through your local dentist or an orthodontic clinic.

Hawley retainers usually last between 5 to 10 years, which is a lot longer than other types of retainers. Taking good care of cleaning and maintaining your retainer will mean it will last longer.

They are made of more durable materials than traditional retainers and consist of two main components.

An acrylic base acts as the support for the retainer’s other components. This part stays in contact with the roof of your mouth. Then you have the Adam Clasp which is the wire part of the retainer going across the front of your teeth. This offers the retainer structural support.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to using a spring retainer. Traditional retainers have been designed only to maintain the position of teeth after undergoing orthodontic treatment. Spring Hawley Retainers on the other hand allow you to move teeth up to 1-2mm in the necessary direction.

These types of teeth retainers are simple to customize. Generally, people have to wear them for years, so having them personalized makes it a more comfortable experience. They are also available in lots of colors, which makes them ideal for adults and children alike.

Due to the design of this brace retainer, it is highly versatile and easy to make adjustments to if something isn’t working. This means they can be modified throughout the orthodontic process quickly, which reduces drawn-out dentists’ appointments.

Due to its versatility, Hawley retainers are often recommended for other specialized treatments. They can be used for sleep apnea, or to correct habits such as thumb sucking.

Usually, Hawley retainers are cheaper to fit than traditional retainers. Although permanent retainers last longer, they offer less flexibility and comfort.

To get the most out of your retainer, make sure you spend plenty of time researching good dental clinics. If you’re looking to get a killer smile, you want to trust that you’re putting your teeth in capable hands!

A Great Smile Is The Best Thing To Wear

You cannot put a price on feeling like you’ve got your best smile. Using a Spring Hawley Retainer is the most effective way to align your teeth. They are also less noticeable and less expensive than traditional retainers.

Visiting a local dentist or orthodontic clinic is the best way to get started with your retainer journey. They will be able to guide you in getting the results you want through high-quality orthodontic solutions!