Marketing Video Production: How to Optimize Consumer’s Attention

In 2020, 75% of Internet content was video content. By 2022, it’s expected to be 82%.

If you’re interested in catching the attention of your customers, you’ll need to work on marketing video production. 

But what are some strategies that can make your content stand out? Keep reading to create the best video marketing strategy for your business.

Create a Storyboard

The first step in video productions is to make a storyboard. You can’t just make a good video; you have to plan and prepare for it. 

Put a storyboard together and start writing a script for the video. This will help you figure out what type of shots you’ll need, and it’ll save you time when you’re actually shooting. 

When you have a script, this will also act as a guideline for when you actually start shooting. 

Your storyboard doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. It just needs to be a rough sketch to help guide you. If you want, you could even include still photographs as a guide. 

When you take all this time to plan out your video, you’re less likely to forget to shoot some shots.

Decide on Your Target Audience

Next, you’ll need to figure out your target market. You can’t make a video that caters to everyone in the world, and it’ll be more effective if you target it to a certain group of people.

Figuring out who your audience might come from while you’re writing your script, but might help to have an idea in mind beforehand as well. That way, you can keep this in mind when you’re shooting and editing the video.

It will also help you figure out where to put your videos depending on where your main audience likes to get their content. 

Get B-Roll

When you’re shooting, don’t forget about how important B-roll is. These are shots that will play when there’s no action, or you need a transition. 

This is pretty much any footage that isn’t focused on your main subject. For example, if you’re shooting a video to market a product, the B-roll shot might be something like a customer using it, or even an external shot of the warehouse or your office.

Regardless of what B-roll footage you need, it’s better to shoot more than less of it. There’s no such thing as having too much.

You might be reviewing it later and find that one shot is actually the perfect shot to tie the entire video together.

Use a Good-Quality Camera

When shooting, make sure that you have a camera that can shoot high-quality video. You don’t actually need a really expensive camera to make good videos; you just need the right one.

There are two main options you can choose when it comes to finding the right camera: mobile phone or professional camera. 

A mobile camera is very convenient, and many of the newest phone models can actually shoot 4K videos now. This means that they can match the quality of a lot of other professional cameras. 

These phone cameras can also shoot at 60 FPS, which also enhances the quality. 

With the professional camera, you’ll be able to have more control over the quality. If you’re going to be shooting a lot of these videos, it might be worth investing in. 

You’ll even get features that the phone won’t offer, like being able to switch lenses and having image stabilization. You’ll also have better colors, which can make your videos pop.

If you want a good camera, you should check out a DSLR camera. But if you’re going to be focusing on making more vlog-type content, you might be okay with a mirrorless camera.

Regardless of which option you choose, having a good-quality video will make your video perform well.

Optimize Your Videos

Once you finish shooting your video, you should optimize them as well. This will make sure that they show up in search engine results, which helps your organic traffic.

If you want to optimize your video for SEO, you’ll need to make sure that the video is embedded. For example, if you upload it on Youtube, you’ll need to update meta tags and make sure that there are keywords in it. 

Without those keywords, the search engine will crawl the page and not find anything and then rank you lower. 

You also want to make sure that you have a video transcript. This will make sure that your videos are accessible, which will also help your traffic. 

This makes your video accessible, but it also helps the search engine crawl the page and understand what your video is about without having to actually watch the video. When the search engine knows what it’s about, you’re more likely to rank higher as well.

You should also make sure that your cover image and thumbnails catch people’s interest. This is like the cover of a book. 

If you don’t find a way to excite your audience, they’re not going to want to watch it. Make sure that your image isn’t spammy or making fake promises though. If that’s the case, people will not trust you again when watching your videos.

Discover More About Marketing Video Production

These are only a few things to know about marketing video production, but there are many more things to incorporate into your strategy.

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