List of Medical Supply Companies: What to Look For

Are you looking for a list of medical supply companies you can use to keep your practice fully stocked? 

Working in the healthcare industry can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture. You are in the business of helping people and with your knowledge and skills, you can reduce pain, prevent and manage serious conditions, and give your patients a chance at a better life.

However, unlike other industries, the supplies you use can be life-changing. If you run out of medical supplies or use inferior quality supplies, your patients could suffer and even die.

For these reasons, having a list of the best medical supply companies is key.

Fortunately, several supply companies deliver quality supplies regularly. If you are wondering what medical supply companies are the best, here is a list of several companies to consider. 

Johnson & Johnson

One of the most notable medical supply companies is Johnson & Johnson. Although you might know Johnson & Johnson for their consumer health products and pharmaceuticals, they also manufacture medical supplies for the fields of surgery, ophthalmology, and orthopedics. 


Another notable company in the medical supplies industry is Baxter. This is an Illinois-based company that has a global reach in the healthcare industry. Baxter manufacturers medical supplies for the fields of critical care, renal care, surgical care, and hospital care. 


One of the top medical supply companies in the world is 3M. This company started in the mining industry but transitioned into healthcare in the 1950s by producing the first asthma inhaler. 3M manufactures medical sterile packaging for the healthcare industry as a whole. 

Becton Dickinson

A major player in the healthcare supply industry is Becton Dickson. This company is currently the largest manufacturer of syringe with needle. Becton Dickson also manufactures medical supplies for the fields of diabetes management, surgery, molecular diagnostics, and more. 

Invacare Corp.

One of the world-leading companies in the medical supply industry is Invacare Corp. This New Jersey-based company provides products to more than 80 countries around the world. Invacare Corp manufactures several items, including wheelchairs, beds, walkers, respiratory devices, and more. 

TZ Medical 

One of the best medical supply companies you can use is TZ Medical. This Oregon-based company offers innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of its customers. TZ Medical manufactures a variety of medical supplies with a focus on the field of cardiology. 

List of Medical Supply Companies: These Are the Best Companies for Your Needs

By having a list of medical supply companies, you can ensure you have the supplies you need to provide quality care.

Some of the best supply companies in the industry are Johnson & Johnson and Baxter. You should also have 3M, Becton Dickinson, and Invacare Corp. on your list. Make sure to check out TZ Medical for your supply needs.

Use one or more of these companies to ensure you always have the supplies you need on hand.

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