Industrial Hygiene: How to Improve Your Office Environment

Did you know that 66% of employees are concerned about returning to work due to health and safety risks?

Workplace industrial hygiene is a topic on nearly everyone’s mind. Being in a global pandemic highlights the need for cleanliness and sanitization in everyday life. While a clean and comfortable office was important before, it is now essential to have a work environment that is healthy for all employees.

So what can you do to make your employees feel as safe as possible? If you are wondering how to improve your office environment and make health and safety a priority, this short and simple guide is for you.

Get a Cleanliness Evaluation

The first step to having a safe workplace is to get a cleanliness evaluation. This evaluation lets you know how clean your workplace is, areas for improvement, and more. Look here if you need to find commercial janitorial services.

Implement a Cleanliness Plan

Once you have your evaluation, the next step is to implement a cleanliness plan. Make a plan that involves the professional sanitization of every area of your company. Make a list and assign cleaning priority levels to make cleaning quick and easy.

Educate and Train Your Employees

If you want to improve your office environment, you need to educate and train your employees. Educate them on the risks involved with having a dirty office and train them on the right way to keep it clean. You can be even more productive by making this part of the onboarding process.

Ensure That Communal Areas Are Clean

The next step is to ensure that communal areas are cleaned. The bathroom, kitchen, lobby, and more, are all essential to your employee’s health. While you’re cleaning service should do most of the heavy lifting, you can straighten up and take out the trash as needed.

Provide Clean Air

A great way to keep your workplace healthy is to provide clean air. Indoor air pollution occurs when you don’t have fresh air circulating throughout the office space. You should change the air filters to reduce allergens, have proper ventilation, conduct regular air tests, and more.

Encourage Employee Cleanliness

One of the best ways to improve your office environment is to encourage employee cleanliness. Promote cleanliness in the workspace by stocking hand sanitizers, encouraging good personal hygiene, designating a space for eating, and allowing sick leave. By encouraging employee cleanliness, you will have healthier employees overall.

Industrial Hygiene: This Is How to Keep Your Employees Healthy at Work

Industrial hygiene is all about implementing certain health and safety standards in your workplace.

Train your employees on workplace compliance and create an official health and safety committee. By keeping things clean, sanitizing communal areas, and having safety protocols, you can create a workplace culture that is beneficial to you and your employees.

As a bonus, these standards will make your employees feel more productive, effective, and motivated.

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