How to Use Amethyst for Healing

People have been tapping into the powerful properties of amethyst for thousands of years. 

Today, this ancient stone is used as a natural health alternative to help heal the mind and the body. 

Are you wondering how to use amethyst to help add balance to your life? Read on as we go over the healing properties of this dynamic stone in our helpful guide. 

Amethyst Properties 

Amethyst is a quartz found in the semi-precious family. The gems are known for their vibrant purple color. The purple can range from light to a rich, reddish shade. 

On the Moh’s scale, amethyst crystal has a seven hardness. A rating of a seven or above means that this stone can withstand everyday wear. 

How to Use Amethyst for Healing 

This stone has powerful healing properties that many people have used for centuries. The amethyst can benefit both the mind and the body in different ways. 


Amethysts are crystals that help with anxiety because of their emotional connection and grounding abilities. If you are feeling stressed, amethyst can help to improve your mood. 

If you are wondering how to use amethyst for anxiety, the answer is simple. Wear a piece of amethyst jewelry or keep an amethyst stone on you to keep you calm. 

Sleep Aid

Because of how soothing amethyst is, it can help you stay asleep. These gemstones can also help you remember the dreams that you have. 

Curbs Overindulgence 

If you are a person who struggles with addiction, this is a stone you should consider wearing. The amethyst will help you find these vices less interesting. The calming effect of amethyst can take a person’s mind off of their addictions. 

Immune System Boost 

Wearing amethyst can help keep you healthy. The main way that amethyst can give your immune system a boost is by purifying blood. This purification can be helpful to both physical and mental ailments. 

If you have digestive issues or skin problems, you may benefit from wearing this stone. People with lung and respiratory tract diseases also can find amethyst helpful. 

Emotional Heath

Amethyst is a protective stone. When you wear it, amethyst will keep your spirit safe from negative energy. 

How to Bring Amethyst Into Your Life

You can incorporate amethyst into your life in many different ways. Wearing amethyst in either a raw or jewelry form can give its benefits directly to you. 

Add this popular stone to the decor in your house. To get the most out of this stone, place one in each of the different rooms in your house. 

Don’t forget about your place of work! Your job can sometimes be a place of stress. Placing amethyst where you work can bring a sense of calm to your work. 

Incorporate Amethyst Into Your Life Today

Amethyst can be easily woven into your everyday life. When you know how to use amethyst, you can improve your wellness. 

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