How to turn black & white photo into a colorized one?

Learning how to turn a black and white photo into a color can help you to enhance the colors in your photos. If you are looking for ways on how to make an ordinary photograph into a colorful work of art, look no further. This is because color correction is easier when compared to gray conversion. Learning how to turn your photo black and white into color is also possible by utilizing online tools to colorize photos. Some examples of offline software that can do this task perfectly are the CorelDraw as well as Adobe Photoshop.

When using these types of photo editing software, it is very easy to turn your normal photo into a masterpiece. These types of software are compatible to both Macs and PCs. However, before using any of this software, you need to be aware of your photo’s characteristics. Learn about the color gamma of your photo so you can have an easier time adjusting its color. You can always go back to your photo and get the exact color that you want to achieve.

You can enhance the appearance of your photos by adjusting the contrast. One way of doing this is to use a brush. You can use a soft brush on the negative space around objects in your photo. You can use this type of technique on a whole scene or you can focus on parts of your photo.

Another simple tip on how to turn black and white photo into a color is to add more color to the areas of your photo that have the most contrast.

You can use highlights or just simply place a lighter color on those areas. You can try different techniques and experiment on how to make them look livelier. You can add even more color to an area by adding more of it to the background. You can even use one hue or a combination of hues to create more of an impact.

In addition to using highlights to make your black and white photo more colorful, you can also employ an exposure mask to darken up areas. If you need to reduce the overall lightness or darken something, an exposure mask works well. When you apply an exposure mask, you are actually playing with shadow areas of your image to control the brightness. You can learn more on this technique in the Lighting Tips series.

You may also choose to use gray or black text in your photos. Using gray or black text will help you make the contrast in tones in your photo even more dramatic. You can use other effects as well, like using a bright red rug in your black and white photo to create a splash of color.

Seems difficult? Don’t want to use the complex way? Colorize black and white photos using online tools like Image Colorizer, Hotpotai, DeepAI that all works on the AI technology and provides amazing results.

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