How to Start a Small Brewery in 2022

In the U.S, independent breweries produce a staggering 24 million barrels of beer every year, which shows how popular they are.

Opening your brewery lets you capitalize on your passion and join a booming industry, giving you job security. But, like any business venture, starting can feel daunting if you don’t know what to do. Perhaps that’s why you’re here, you’re searching for inspiration to jumpstart your new career.

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got your back. Here’s how to start a small brewery.

Plan Your Business

Before starting a business, you must have an ironclad plan. This will reveal how much money you need, your financial goals, and the necessary supplies like filtration systems. You should also figure out your target market and how much you’ll charge customers so you turn a hefty profit.

Secure Funding

You’ll need funds to start a microbrewery, whether it’s dipping into your savings or securing a business loan. If you’re doing the latter, make sure you have good credit before reaching out to banks. You could also consider crowdfunding where supporters can donate online.

Form a Legal Entity

Next, form a legal entity so your startup business can legally operate in your state. For instance, choose between a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company. A bonus is this will protect your personal assets if a customer is unhappy with your business and wants to sue.

Register for Taxes

You must register your small craft brewery so you can pay the necessary taxes. Note, you must pay for both state and federal before you can open your doors. If you’re struggling, hire an accountant and they will guide you through the process.

Get Business Insurance

Alongside permits, your craft beer brewery needs insurance to operate safely. This will protect your company’s finances and give you peace of mind. Also, if you’re hiring a team, pay for worker’s compensation so your employees are protected if an accident happens.

Find the Perfect Location

The location of your brewery can make or break your business so take time choosing the perfect spot. As you browse neighborhoods, decide whether your venue will align with the community and if the market is already saturated. You should also check out the area’s demographic because you want somewhere where your ideal buying persona hangs out.

Build an Online Presence

Once you’re sorted, build a clean website and sign up for several social media accounts. Make sure you’re regularly uploading fresh content and build a following as it will drive sales. You should also engage with your audience as it shows you appreciate them connecting with you.

Open a Small Brewery Today

Now, after reading this article, you know how to open a small brewery that your community will love.

There are many factors to consider such as creating an ironclad plan and securing funding for your venture. You should also find the perfect location and build an online presence to generate leads. Good luck!

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