How to Slowly and Surely Build Credibility With Customers

A Standford study found that 75 percent of consumers judge a business’s credibility just by its website design. Credibility is vital for a business, helping it attract customers by letting them know the products or services the company offers will be of value to them.

If you have just started your business, it is a challenge to build a positive reputation because people are less willing to purchase from a new company. There are ways to build credibility, however, that you can start putting into practice right now. Read on to see how to build your reputation.

Ways to Build Credibility: Consistency Is Key

Everything about your business should be consistent. Your website design and your marketing should follow your company’s aesthetics.

You also want to implement consistency in your dealings with customers. Stick to the policies you have set. Build expectations for clients and follow through with them, and always provide excellent customer service.

Ask for Customer Testimonials

If you have provided quality services to a customer and they are satisfied with the results, ask them for testimonials. Reading about positive experiences previous customers have had with your brand will encourage others to purchase from you. Using a video testimonial service is helpful.

Display Social Media Feed

People feel more comfortable buying from a brand that has a following on social media. They want to see if you interact with customers and that they can reach you if they need support. Maintain regular engagement and post content that is consistent with your brand.

Display social media feeds on your site so people can easily see them.

Display Badges

Displaying trust badges can help build credibility with customers, especially if you want them to purchase directly from your site.

Having an SSL certificate on the site, for example, lets customers know any data sent to and from your site is not hackable. You can get badges from payment processors like PayPal and to assure clients their transactions are safe.

Showcase Awards

If you have received awards for your products or services, show them off on your site. Create a dedicated landing page or place them on your homepage. Seeing awards will put ambivalent customers at ease.

You can also celebrate business milestones. Letting customers know you have made your first 1,000 sales, for example, will encourage them to trust your services.

Use data and statistics to your advantage. If you have subscribers, let customers know how many. You can get the information you need from Google Analytics or plugins.

Increase Your Sales by Building Credibility

To succeed in a crowded market, you need to find ways to build credibility for your business. By using customer testimonials, showcasing awards, and being consistent in all of your client interactions, you can build the brand credibility you want.

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