How to Protect Your Phone Screen: A Quick Guide

Did you know that over 80 million Americans damage their cell phones every year? Phone repairs are often expensive and can cause major damage to the internal functioning of the device. It is vital that you protect your phone at all times.

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent a cracked phone screen? Here is a guide to phone screen protection so you can see everything clearly and your phone will last much longer.

Get a Screen Protector

The first line of defense against a cracked phone screen is adding protective layers. There are many different types of phone screen protection, including plastic and tempered glass.

If you order your own phone screen protector, they often include kits with tools that you can use to apply it yourself.

However, for best results, you should visit a phone repair shop to install it for you. You can do an internet search for “electronic repair near me” and find a phone repair business close to you.

Use a Bumper Phone Case

When you drop your phone, damage to the sides can cause major cracks that spider to the rest of the screen. Your phone case should have bumpers around it to protect the edges of the screen.

Many bumper phone cases have a guaranteed height that you can drop the phone from to prevent damage to your smartphone screen. Look for a brand that has good reviews against falls and accidents.

Put a Grippy Skin on Your Phone

Even if you have a case on your smartphone screen, you can still drop it and crack the screen. A lot of phone cases are made of a slippery material.

You should look for a phone skin that has a grippy material. This way, you can have a good handle on your device at all times and you will not have to worry about it falling by accident.

Install a Car Phone Holder

If you like to use your phone in the car, then it may slip down and damage your smartphone screen. To keep track of your phone while you drive, you should invest in a car phone holder.

Holders come with a suction cup or clip that you can use to attach to the center console or your front windshield. They also have an adjustable neck so you can turn it towards you if you rely on the screen for directions.

Protect Your Phone Screen Today

A phone is a huge investment, so you want to make sure that it is as well-taken care of as possible. With this guide, you can protect your phone screen and ensure that your investment works for years to come.

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