How to Organize Emails (For Good) In 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that people around the planet will send and receive over three hundred and fifty billion emails per day by 2025?

If you like to be organized and focused, it can be frustrating to have an inbox that’s always brimming full. The problem is that most people have no idea how to organize emails. 

Thankfully, there are several simple things you can do to improve your email organization. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything that’s important to know. 

1. Unsubscribe from Newsletters You No Longer Read

Even when people don’t want to read newsletters anymore, they choose not to unsubscribe from them. 

By taking one minute to remove yourself from mailing lists, you’ll save yourself years of frustration.

If you do not want to remove yourself from lists you no longer read, you can also subscribe to a service such as This service collects all your newsletters into a single daily email for you to read. 

2. Develop an Email Cadence

If you send out many emails every day, chances are that your email box is always full of replies that people send to you. One easy way to keep this from happening is by developing an email cadence. 

An email cadence has three aspects: text-based, email scheduling and automation, and reply detection. If you want to find out more about developing an email cadence, check out Sales Hive’s article at

3. Make Use of Folders and Catagories

This is one of the top email decluttering tips for those who struggle to keep a balance between their professional and personal lives while online. 

If you categorize your emails, you’ll be able to find the right messages at the right times. All you need to do is set aside five to ten minutes to create folders if you want to start sorting your emails.

4. Don’t Forget to Archive and Search Your Email

Make sure to use your email provider’s search bar. By making a habit of doing this every day, it will become easier for you to quickly find important emails. You can also make use of email filtering options when performing searches. 

5. Don’t Give Out Your Work Email Address Unless You Need To

Many people don’t realize that when they set up social media profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, all of their personal information can be seen by the public. 

Even though it will be easy for your business contacts to find you when you post your work email, it will also be easy for spammers to get ahold of you. 

Make Use of the Best Techniques for How to Organize Emails Today

If you’re wondering how to organize emails that piling up in your inbox, the easiest thing to do is unsubscribe from newsletters that you no longer read. It’s also a good idea to use folders and categories to filter your messages. 

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