How to Open a Gym: A Quick Introduction

Over 106,000 gym businesses operate in the United States. The recent health crisis slowed the industry’s growth. The good news is the trend is upwards again.

If you want to open a gym, now is the best time. Without prior experience in the industry, your business could fail.

Do you want to succeed as a gym owner? Read the rest of our guide for some tips.

Get Certifications

Before opening a gym, get a reputable personal training certification. This applies even when you have no hands-on role. This qualification allows you to take over when your hired trainers can’t make it to work.

Knowing what gym trainers do makes it easier to judge what your staff does well. It also ensures you are on equal footing with your employees. The knowledge is also handy when interviewing potential new hires.

Decide on the Type of Gym

Gyms have various shapes and sizes, from one-on-one personal training studios to large group exercise classes. It’s best to start small when you have no prior experience running a gym business.

From there, earn some expertise and expand as the years pass. Never do it too fast since it’s one of the primary reasons new businesses fail.

Regardless, operating a sizeable gym means taking away hands-on client training. You will devote your time and energy toward behind-the-scenes work instead.

Organize Your Finances

Operating a gym will have varying costs. Some premises only need a few thousand dollars to flourish, while others could reach a million. It all depends on your desired gym type.

Buying or leasing the building and equipment could also affect your operational costs. Ensure you have double the amount necessary for setting up the gym.

It sounds like an unnecessary safety net. However, it’s always better to have more money than you need. Also, it would take weeks or months before your business starts meeting your financial requirements.

Pick Your Location

Your gym’s success depends on your location. It determines your client base, rent or property prices, and available premises. Focus on accessibility to make it easier for patrons to find you.

Always ask whether your location is desirable for workouts. If not, consider another place. Never pick based solely on area familiarity.

Address Legalities

Gym ownership regulations depend on your location. In most cases, you will need these:

  • Business and tax registration
  • Business bank account
  • Business, liability, and equipment insurance
  • Permits and licenses
  • Premises coding
  • Liability waivers

Most of these requirements have straightforward processes. It involves filing a few forms and adhering to laws before the opening day.

Once finished, you can set an opening day. You can also read this guide from to increase your profitability.

Open a Gym Now

These are the most vital steps before you can open a gym. Use these to start a business and earn passive income.

However, gym businesses are not your only choice. Consider other side hustles to ensure your financial stability.

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