How to Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good: 12 Secrets to Boost Your Aesthetic

Did you know that posts with hashtags gain about 12.6% more engagement? If you’re looking to build your engagement, then hashtags and the overall aesthetic of your site are important.

Creating an Instagram feed that looks appealing can be tricky. You might think that something looks good but maybe it doesn’t appeal to your audience.

If you’re wondering how to make your Instagram feed look good, look no further! Read on to learn how to take your feed from meh to amazing in these simple to follow steps.

1. Choose a Grid Layout

Grid layouts will show you how your posts will look in the feed. It’ll help you plan ahead what photos to place next to each other and how they’ll look overall.

2. Plan Ahead

When you’re wondering how to make your Instagram look good, you’ll need to think about what you’re passionate about. Think about what you want your Instagram to be known for.

Take a look at others in your niche and see what they succeed with. Next, pick a few things that you can post and talk about.

While you’ll want to be yourself and make it fun, be sure that it’s something your audience will be interested in. If you’re a shopper in your niche, what type of content will you be searching for?

3. Choose a Filter

Choose one filter and stick to it. Sticking to one filter will make sure that your Instagram feed looks consistent. Whether you’re using varying colors of pastels, fall, white, dark, or another color, filters will help you maintain consistency.

4. Pick Your Topic

Stick to one topic. That means choosing a theme and not pulling away from it.

What theme do your competitors use? Remember that if you’re selling an item you shouldn’t make all of your posts about sales. Instead, post about different topics within that niche that people will find useful.

5. Aesthetic Goals

Use Photoshop or an alternative to make your pictures shine. Think about how you’ll edit each video or photo and achieve a certain lighting. There are apps, such as VSCO, that’ll help the lighting of your feed be on point.

6. Use High-Quality Photos

Even if you don’t have the most expensive camera on the market, you can still create high-quality photos. Keep your hand steady while you take the picture.

Choose to shoot near a window in order to have natural light. In photography, they say that sunrise and sunset are the best times for pictures. Use gridlines to keep the photo composition effective.

7. Lay Out the Elements

In advance, think about how you want the layout of the picture to be. If you’re creating a picture of a meal, consider adding flowers, a drink, your camera, and other elements.

If you’re outdoors, consider pictures around flowers, add in other elements such as a basketball, baseball, etc. Think about the different props that you can add to your pictures.

8. Selecting Your Colors

Consider your niche and what look you’re going for when it comes to color aesthetics. Check out the competition for ideas. You can even add more saturation to pictures to make them pop.

Whether you add saturation, edit your photos, or have a feed of images that go together, it’s up to the look that you’re going for.

9. Be Mindful of the Resolution

Be mindful of the resolution that you’ll use for your pictures. If you’re using a phone camera, be sure that it’s a newer model that’s known for taking great pictures.

Even if you’re using an older phone, you can use lighting to make it better. Instagram has filters that you can try, just be sure to keep it similar or the same. Having one filter will allow your pictures to have a common aesthetic.

10. Consider Apps

Apps can save the day from marketing to editing your pictures like a pro. One of the top apps for increasing likes on a picture is this extension.

As far as editing your pictures like a pro, the Photoshop Express app is a solid option. Change the contrast, brightness, add in saturation, change the color, and more. Just boosting the lighting of a picture can make a picture more appealing.

11. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the way that your pictures will be found on Instagram. It can allow your pictures to be spotted by others who are looking for something specific.

Be mindful of where you place hashtags. Some will place hashtags in the comments section to not make a post look messy. If you do place hashtags in a post, you can place them at the bottom.

12. Make Your Feed Look Nicer

Arrange the theme of your feed to make sense. Think about which photos will look nice next to each other.

There are various preview apps out there that’ll allow you to see photos next to each other before clicking post. You can drag and drop pictures in these apps to see how they look.

Consider layouts such as tile or grid to make it easier. A tile layout will tell you to have a photo and a quote next to each other. Don’t place photos next to each other that are similar. Instead, choose to space them out to have a more balanced look.

A Guide on How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

After exploring this guide on how to make your Instagram feed look good, I hope that you have a better idea of how to begin. Take your time going through these tips, looking at the competition, and thinking about how you can stand out.

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