How to make a rag rug?

Many people have a question that how to make a rug or rag rug, if you are also curious about knowing the ways of making a rag rug then you are at right place. 

Before we talk about the method of making a rag rug, we need to have a look at what is a rag rug. Simply speaking, rag rugs or fabric strip rag rugs are a traditional type of rugs made up of old or leftover pieces of cloth or fabric. And making a rag rug is one of the considerable ways of recycling the used products.

Here is a simple way that you can adopt to make a rag rug.

Collect and arrange the material:

In the very first step, you are supposed to gather the material required for making of a rag rug and most commonly that is the leftover fabric. After finding and gathering the fabric you need to tear all the fabric into a large number of strips.

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You need to take help from scissors in this step. You can simply cut the starting portion of fabric with the help of scissors and then you can tear the whole strip using your hands. In this way you can procedure or make a large number of strips in accordance with the size of rag rug you are going to make.

Join the strips:

Once you have successfully made a large number of fabric strips, the next step is to join all of them by sewing in an end to end manner. The sewing machine will certainly make the task easier to a remarkable extent.

After joining or sewing all of the strips with each other, you can proceed towards the next step namely making of fabric balls.

Make the fabric balls:

After the strips have been joined together in the end to end manner, you have to manage them in a way that they do not get entangled with each other in order to avoid any problem in future.

The best way of doing so is to make the fabric balls. For the purpose of making fabric balls you need to start wrapping the strips around your fingers. When they get into a larger and stable shape, you can keep wrapping them until or unless they get the shape of a ball.

Weaving of rugs:

It is the most important and critical step of making a rag rug as it determines the shape and type of rag rug your are going to prepare.

This step is named as weaving of rugs. There are different options in this regard that you can adopt or go for. For example, weaving or knitting are the two examples. Here are some other examples .

Making a woven rug:

In this mode of making a rag rug, a loom is required to accomplish the task of making a rag rug. It is worth mentioning here that the size of a rag rug being made this way is completely dependent upon the size of loom. Therefore, you need to keep this factor in mind while making a woven rag rug.


Crocheting is another example and as well as of making a rag rug. In this method you need to have just two or three t-shirts. You can easily cut the strips with the help of scissors and tear them.

Only the beginner level skills are sufficient when it comes to the making of rag rug by crocheting. Do you want to check out European & Spanish rugs?


Making a rag rug on your own is always preferable over buying the one from the market. The reason behind which is the recycling of waste and reduction of pollution.

When it comes to the making of a rag rug, many of us are looking for the ways on how to make a rag rug. However, you need not worry in this regard. 

No matter whether it is crochet rag rug or fabric trips rag rugs, after reading the mechanism mentioned above, you can make it with ease and perfection. 

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