How to keep your ergonomic office chair clean? Tips and ideas 

Ergonomic chair cleaning is about tenderness, accuracy, and adhering to the user’s manual 

Cleaning and upkeep of your ergonomic office chair is just about as fundamental as using it. Across the globe, ergonomic office chairs are used in offices and home-offices. Millions of working professionals use ergonomic chairs in regular offices and work-from-home (WFH) settings. In fact, ergonomic chairs have emerged instrumental in bolstering work-productivity across different industries. And their utility will continue to grow. They are equally popular as the standing desks.

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That’s why ergonomic office chairs need to be cleaned regularly. Well, the cleansing should not be an arbitrary exercise. Rather, it should be in sync with expert advice and suggestions provided by the manufacturer in the user’s manual. If your ergonomic chairs are in a good shape, your workforce will excel and so will your corporation. So, wouldn’t you need to keep your ergonomic office chair solid and flawless? Your standing desks need to be cleaned as well.

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For what reason is it important to clean and maintain an ergonomic chair? 

According to various findings, the upholstery utilised on ergonomic office chairs draws in countless microbes. And this has increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, delayed sittings, food stains, dust particles, sweat marks, and beverage spills are also problematic. On the other hand, the castors of ergonomic chairs gather soil, carpet fibre, and hair strands. They hinder an ergonomic chair’s smooth mobility. Therefore, the castors also deserve equivalent consideration as the upholstery. We’ll talk about how to clean standing desks in a different blog. 

Here is a small blueprint on how an ergonomic chair is to be cleaned 

We advise that you consider the following points before you clean your ergonomic chair.

• The allure of an ergonomic chair lies in its upholstery. Accordingly, it should not be purged with grating solvents and harsh cleaners, until and unless mentioned in the manual. 

• Stains of sweat drops, soil, food, and drink must be cleaned delicately. There’s no requirement for harsh removal for stain evacuation. 

• When eliminating stains, it’s great to start from the edges. 

• Use a wipe or a soggy retentive material for stain evacuation. 

This is the recommended way of cleaning an ergonomic chair’s upholstery. 

Though the cleaning directions are completely given by an ergonomic chair’s manufacturer, these are a few guidelines, which, whenever followed with accuracy, would do a ton of good to the upholstery. 

Use a vacuum cleaner 

Whatever the texture (leather, mesh, or vinyl), a vacuum cleaner is the best medium to cleanse the upholstery. You have to gently move the suction over the upholstery to remove the dust particles, hair strands, or fibre.

Cleaning a leather chair 

Leather chairs are apparently the most engaging of all the ergonomic office chairs, and that is the reason their cleansing is unique. The most ideal way of cleansing a leather ergonomic work area chair is using a solution. Then, you simply need to adhere to the guidelines given in the manual. You May even use a smooth spongy fabric to clean the mess. 

Cleaning an ergonomic mesh chair 

Normally, a vacuum cleaner is the best medium to clean a mesh chair as it sucks up the soil. 

Cleaning a vinyl chair 

The ideal way of cleaning a vinyl chair is to use a fabric drenched in water blended in with a gentle cleanser. This will make stain expulsion extremely simple. 

This is how you should clean an ergonomic chair’s castors 

Unscrew the castors and eliminate the rug fibre and hair strands using a tweezer pluck. Then, at that point, you might clean the castors with a moist material prior to reattaching them. 


Cleaning and upkeep of your ergonomic chair is essential to its life span and use. You should treat it in a serious way. Ergonomic chairs need your consideration as well!

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