How to get the best of Ultem 2300 and PPS Plastic

Ultem 2300 and PPS plastic are both very special materials. They are also remarkably similar in some ways. For instance, Ultem 2300 and PPS can be injection molded into 3D printed parts that almost anyone can print. And many of the same tools and machines can be used to process them.

Ultem 2300 profile is an epoxy-based styrene trim used in the construction of sailboats for the hull, deck, and interior trim applications. The polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material is a thermoformed plastic that is considered a next-generation material, due to its ultra-high strength, impact resistance, and durability. Check Keward Ultem 2300 rod before you make your design. 

Interesting facts about the Ultem 2300 material and PPS plastic

Are you familiar with Ultem 2300 and PPS plastic? They are both popular materials used for 3D printing in the market. To help you choose the best material for your 3D printer, we’ll discuss some of the key differences between these two plastic materials.

Ultem is a strong, stiff, and lightweight engineering plastic that feels and appears like injection-molded nylon. While common for many parts of a design that need stiffness, cost becomes a factor when you reach the higher amounts needed for production. As this material is not as “common” to use, we have discovered many people who would like to know how they can incorporate Ultem into their designs, how long it takes to find a supplier, and how it compares to PPS plastic.

The best thing about Ultem® is that it can be recycled and has a long life span. Since Ultem® is a polyetherimide, it has high-temperature resistance and is also an engineering plastic. The main advantage of Ultem® is that it can withstand temperatures in excess of 250 degrees Celsius. This makes the material suitable for various applications, such as cooking utensils, sportswear, industrial machinery, and many others.

PPS material sheet and sheets have excellent chemical resistance, making it highly resistant to oils, acids, alcohols, chlorine, saltwater, and organic solvents. You will find this material used in applications such as industrial gears, automotive components, and chemical processing systems. If you need something that will not be damaged from exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures.

PPS plastic has similar properties as Ultem 2300. It has excellent thermal stability and strength at elevated temperatures. It also has low moisture absorption, excellent resistance to chemicals, and high resistance to abrasion. This makes PPS plastic an ideal choice for making injection molding tools for medical applications.

Ultem 2300 machining 

Ultem 2300 machining can be difficult due to its thermal stability and Rigid Properties

When machining PEEK or Ultem 2300, the tooling supplier will often recommend a cobalt-steel tool for roughing and a high-speed steel (HSS) tool for finishing. This is because PEEK and Ultem are much more difficult to machine than most other plastics.

The reason for this is that these materials do not have the same molecular structure as many other plastic materials. They are made from long chains of molecules, which makes them very strong and very stiff. This also makes them difficult to machine, as they tend to chip or shatter when they come into contact with the cutting tool.

When machining these materials, it is imperative that you keep the feed rate below 15 in/min. Material removal rates must be kept at a minimum, and the feed rate adjusted to make sure that the material is being removed at a slow rate.

Below are some tips for getting better results when machining Ultem 2300:

Use a sharp tool; if possible, sharpen it after every 20 cycles.

Use plenty of coolant during all machining operations; however, remove any sludge buildup from the spindle nose before each cycle.

Try using higher speeds and lower feeds first, then test slower speeds and feeds if necessary.

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