How to get a MCM Scholarship in the best CBSE Schools in Noida?

Advantages of the MCM Scholarship and the best CBSE school in Noida that offers it.

International schools provide the children with the kind of global education we need in this era. Students and teachers from different backgrounds and different parts of the world come to international schools in the pursuit of knowledge. There are a lot of advantages to studying in an international school.


The multicultural environment of international schools is conducive to developing tolerance and expanding knowledge about other cultures along with developing soft skills of extreme value in the labor market. The goal of these schools is comprehensive education which focuses on gaining knowledge and skills as well as developing one’s personality and imparting values of tolerance, understanding and responsibility.

International schools also provide great opportunities to expand language skills. Graduating from international schools allows a graduate to stand out and increases the chances in the global labor market. Students wishing to go abroad for further studies mostly opt for international schools as these provide a global platform to them and opportunity to learn everything from multiple perspectives.


The major disadvantage of international schools considered by most of the parents is the cost of it. A common belief among parents is that all the international schools are very expensive but this is not true. International schools have a broad price range from as low as 1 lakh per annum to 25 lakhs per annum. 

Whereas, the cost of education given the need of high-quality resources and teachers is definitely much more than Indian boards, the return on investment in terms of relevant knowledge and skills is high. The ultimate focus, of course, is to make sure that the students do not lose out on opportunities and acquire excellence in all aspects- academic and extra-curricular. If you want international schools with Indian curriculum, there are schools like the GIIS which provide that. GIIS is the best CBSE school in Noida that provides mcm scholarships to help students financially.


There are various advantages the school offers like holistic teaching methodologies, different scholarships, and tech-savvy classrooms and labs to facilitate modern-day learning.

The international system of education is one of the most sought after and requested educational systems worldwide. They focus on a holistic system of education and strive to enable their students to have a school experience that is not just restricted to a local curriculum or syllabus hence implementing a national or international curriculum that is not the curriculum of the home country itself. 

This international school prepares the students to be future citizens of the world, and also prepares them to pursue a future of their choice in the university or the career of their choice. This school trains their students to easily compete for various high level competitive and strenuous exams as well. Therefore, before you decide on a school, it’s good to get in touch with the counselor or meet the school authorities personally to know more and better about the school.

Through the MCM ( merit cum means scholarship), the school tries to extend support through financial assistance and make education affordable to parents across all financial backgrounds.

This scholarship is applicable to all grades from nursery to 12th. The tenure of the scholarship is two years. There are various eligibility criterias for different scholarship values. This is primarily offered to support deserving students who are from moderate family income groups. The students will be assessed based on their two years of academic performance and gross family income. GIIS is the best CBSE School in Noida that offers the mcm scholarship


Scholarships act like a stepping stone for children to make a mark in the society and achieve the ir highest potential. It is an important step to provide equal opportunities to all children irrespective of their social backgrounds to attain education and succeed. So, it is necessary that all parents take note of it and apply for the mcm scholarships.

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