How to Choose the Top Managed Service Providers for IT Support: A Guide

While it’s been an ongoing problem in terms of cybersecurity for a while now, the shortage of tech workers is now a sector-wide problem. There just aren’t enough people with the right qualifications to meet the demands in the business world.

That makes it increasingly difficult for any business to staff an IT department or even find a couple of IT pros to keep on staff. The alternative solution for businesses is a managed service provider that provides a cross-section of IT services.

Of course, that leaves you with the problem of how to choose the top managed service providers for IT support. Keep reading for some key tips on picking IT companies for your business.

Preliminary Consultation

Different MSPs cater to different kinds of customers. Some focus on big companies or specific industries. Others focus on SMBs and work across industries.

You should look for companies that offer a preliminary consultation so they can offer their thoughts on your systems and make some recommendations. It’s also a great way for you to see if they’re a good fit.


The Internet is an always-on system, which means your IT infrastructure needs constant oversight. You need an IT service that can offer you 24/7 monitoring and support.

Anything less than that leaves your systems and network vulnerable to hacks and breaches.

Flexibility in Service Offerings

No two businesses will enter into a contract with an MSP with precisely the same hardware, software, or current vendors. That means you need an MSP with the flexibility to work with or around that tech stack.

For example, let’s say you want office automation technologies. A good MSP will generate a plan for making that happen for you, not make excuses about why it won’t work.


A distressingly large number of businesses don’t have a data backup system in place. Those systems and backups are crucial for any effective disaster recovery plan.

Let’s say that your brick-and-mortar location burns down, taking all your computers and servers with it. Off-site backups mean you can get the online elements of your business up and running as soon as you get new hardware and preserve customer information.

A good MSP provides data backups.

Security Solutions

While it might not seem intuitive, SMBs are prime targets for hackers. Why? They’re easier targets.

Big companies employ full IT departments and roll out the latest security tools on a regular basis. Small businesses often run less robust security.

You want an MSP with a fully-fledged security IT service.

Top Managed Service Providers and You

Picking from the top managed service providers for your business starts with assessing your own IT weaknesses. Did you cobble together your IT system on your own with help from online articles? Did a professional set it up?

If it’s the former, you are likely in desperate need of across-the-board advice and services. If a pro set things up for you, you may only need a few services.

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