How to Choose the Best Eyeglass Frames for a Round Face

The market size for the American Eyeglasses Stores was over $11 billion in 2022. This industry continues to grow with the rising incidence of eye health. Fashion and eyewear trends also add to the growth of this industry.

Eyeglass frames come in different styles, colors, and shapes. These factors affect how the glasses will look on the wearer’s face. Choosing the perfect eyeglass shape helps improve the person’s look.

Do you want to know the best eyeglass frames for round faces? Keep on reading to learn which frame complements your looks best.

What Is a Round Face Shape?

Determining your face shape is simple. First, you need to know what parts of the face to measure. They are the width of the forehead and the cheekbone, and the jawline and face length.

Know your face shape by identifying the widest part of your face. Is it your jawline, chin, or your forehead? Knowing your face shape is the first step in how to choose glasses.

One of the main characteristics of a round face shape is a wide hairline. They also have round jawlines and chins. The length and width of their faces are usually similar.

People with round faces have soft curves and smooth lines that outline their faces. They usually have fuller cheeks plus their cheekbones are not prominent. Round faces also tend to be circular and have no angles or edges.

How to Choose Glasses Frames?

Over 43,000 Americans work as optometrists. They are eye care specialists that recognize and treat common eye conditions. They also prescribe vision aids and offer routine eye tests.

A visit to the optometrist clinic can help determine if you need eyeglasses. The optometrist will check your vision and provide a prescription. Their clinics usually have a selection of glasses that you might like.

Fram shape should contrast the face shape. Eyeglass frames that are bold and angular are suitable for people with round faces. The structure and lines of the frame create contrast and give balance.

Rectangular eyeglass frames help create structure in the face. It breaks up the sections of a round face to make it appear longer. The lines and edges can also make a round face look thinner.

Cat-eye or D-frames can draw attention away from fuller cheeks. These shapes draw attention and focus to the eyes. They are also cute eyeglass frames that can show off a person’s style.

Where to Buy Eyeglass Frames?

Optometrist clinics have a selection of frames you can choose from after an eye checkup. An advantage to this is you can get your prescription glasses faster. It usually only takes a few hours to finish so you can get them the same day.

If you want more options, you can shop for eyeglass frames online. Spectacular Eyewear offers a variety of eyeglass frames. They have the best eyeglass frames for oval faces and round faces.

Get the Best Eyeglass Frames for Round Face Today

These are steps in choosing the best eyeglass frames for a round face. Frames with a rectangular shape can make your face appear longer and thinner. Also, choosing angular and geometric eyeglass frames creates balance.

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