How to Choose a Crusher Machine: The Complete Guide for Businesses

Crushers play a crucial role in several industries, most notably construction. Did you know they can help save the world, too?

Each year, we trash around 2.12 billion tons of waste. Reducing waste takes priority, but recycling is a solid alternative for non-biodegradable materials. Crushers are the best tools since they can grind the material to prepare it for a new purpose. 

Still, looking for the right one for your business can be challenging. Learn how to choose a crusher machine below.

Consider the Material

What material are you going to crush with your machine? It’s going to dictate the best type of crusher for your business.

The characteristics of the material affect your choice. Consider the hardness and abrasiveness since they determine the force needed to break them down.

Most crushers focus on one type of material. Still, some types can handle more. Consider these when looking for versatility. 

Learn the Types of Crushers

The most desirable type of crusher depends on the material. Rubber granulators, for example, cut the commodities into small pieces. These machines are a crucial part of the recycling process, allowing you to reuse the material for other purposes.

There are also crushers for wood and rocks. You usually can’t use these types for other materials.

Then we have jaw crushers. They can handle different materials, such as rocks and recycled concrete.

Also, think about the fineness of the ground material. What size do you want to achieve?

Primary crushers grind the material to a small enough size. After which, the material goes through another crusher to further reduce its size.

Compare Costs

Consider your budget when you choose a crusher machine. Calculate the initial costs, operation costs, and maintenance costs.

When comparing crusher costs, take into account the functions, too. One may be more expensive, but it’s better-performing than the other. Decide which is more valuable to you—the added crusher machine features or the extra savings?

Durability and productivity also play into the total costs. A longer-lasting model nets you more savings in the long run, even if it has higher initial costs. Higher production rates or the amount of material it can process also leads to more money.

Read Customer Reviews

Before committing to a product, check out what others say about it. Get recommendations and reviews from actual users.

Look for online customer reviews by joining forums and browsing social media. The manufacturer’s website might also have reviews from previous customers. If you ask, you might be able to get references, as well.

Learn How to Choose a Crusher Machine

With our guide above, you can choose a crusher machine for your business needs and budget. Still, keep in mind the price tag isn’t the only consideration.

The best model gives you the most value for money considering the features and longevity. Did you find this guide helpful? If you want to learn more, check out our other posts today.