How to Care for Your Diamond Jewelry

The price of a 1.00-carat diamond ranges from $2,000 to $16,000. A diamond can lose its brilliance when chemicals produce a filmy layer on the stone. If you want to keep your diamonds looking brilliant, learn to care for your diamond jewelry.

Proper diamond jewelry maintenance protects it from damages that require expensive repairs, too. Moreover, it allows you to keep wearing your diamonds without losing their value.

Diamonds can also serve as an investment. If you’re looking to sell old jewelry, it needs to be as priceless as the day you bought it. Read on and learn how you can protect, maintain, and clean your diamond jewelry.

How to Protect Diamond Jewelry

Protecting your jewelry does not only consist of putting it in the right jewelry box. Here are some other ways to protect your diamond.

1. Get Insured

Professional jewelers recommend insuring or getting a warranty for your diamond jewelry. It covers repairs, replacement, and cost reimbursement of damage, physical loss, or theft. There are different policies you can get to protect your diamond jewelry.

You can include your jewelry in a standard homeowners insurance policy. It can reduce the financial burden when you lose it from theft or fortuitous events. However, most policies set a $1,500 limit.

You can get stand-alone jewel insurance from a jewelry insurance company. Apart from theft and events, it covers the loss part of a set and jewelry taken on international trips. Some insurance companies include broken parts in their coverage, too.

2. Visit Professional Jewelers for Periodic Inspection

Visit a professional jeweler twice a year to inspect your diamond jewelry.
A periodic inspection allows you to determine any damages to your jewelry.

The jeweler checks the diamond piece to ensure it stays in good shape. Then, they apply necessary reparation to prevent further damage.

You can also get an appraisal to find out the monetary value of your old diamond jewelry. With this, you know how much you can sell it for. Find out where to sell your diamonds here!

3. Keep It Safe

Keep your diamond jewelry in a safe place. It protects it from dirt and scratches from rough objects. You can use its original box or a padded container.

Separate your diamond jewelry from other diamonds, as they can scratch each other, too.

How to Maintain Quality of Your Diamond Jewelry

Proper maintenance maintains the quality of your diamond jewelry. Here are daily habits you can practice in taking care of your diamond.

1. Handle With Care

A diamond can chip off despite its durability. With this, you must always handle it with care. It prevents damaging the stone and its metal.

Use soft materials, such as a brush and cloth, to clean your diamond jewelry. Ensure to remove it when performing rough work or engaging in contact sports, too. You can damage, scratch, or lose your jewelry when doing such activities.

Applying too much pressure on the jewelry loosens mountings and bends its posts. Always remember to remove your jewelry before sleeping.

2. Limit Exposure to Other Products

Limit exposing your diamond jewelry to chemical-containing harsh products. It can damage the stone and metals used. Remove your jewelry before using cosmetics, skincare, and cleaning products.

The residue from soaps, lotions, and other body products leaves grime on surfaces. As a result, a diamond can lose its brilliance, and the metal quality can decrease from the dirt.

Never use harsh solutions, such as household cleaning products, when cleaning diamond jewelry. It can damage the stone and erode the metals used. It’s best to use water and dishwashing soaps to clean the jewelry.

3. Check the Diamond After Use

Inspect the diamond before keeping it away if you wear it often. Check for scratches on the stone, loose metals, and dirt on the jewelry. You can examine it before going to bed or after cleaning up.

Clean your jewelry after checking it, too. Use a clean and soft cloth to rub off the grime on the stone and metal. You can mix water and dishwashing liquid to create your cleaning solution.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Regularly cleaning your diamond jewelry can help you maintain its brilliance for a long time. Moreover, it makes it easier to catch signs of damage. Cleaning the diamond often guarantees it won’t lose its value.

1. Create a Cleaning Solution

The best cleaning solution for jewelry is water and dishwashing liquid. Mix warm water and enough dishwashing soap in a container. Ensure the soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, such as bleach or moisturizer.

Then, soak the jewelry for at least 5 minutes to soften dirt and remove oil.

Never use toothpaste, baking soda, and other abrasive products. A toothpaste contains scrubbing particles that scratch the stone and pit the metals. Mixing baking soda with vinegar can damage the prongs, backings, and chains.

2. Start Cleaning

You can start cleaning the diamond jewelry after soaking it with the mixture. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from the stone and metal. Scrub the back and sides of the jewelry, too.

Use light pressure on brushing for old diamond jewelry.

Rinse the jewelry if you confirm there is no dirt left. Plug all drains before washing off the soap. Then, dry your jewelry with a soft and smooth-textured cloth to prevent scratches.

You can clean your most-used jewelry every two weeks and once a month for less-used pieces.

3. Use Ammonia for Cleaning

You can use ammonia for cleaning diamond jewelry, too.

Mix warm water and ammonia in a container that follows a 1:1 ratio. Soak your diamond pieces for about 10 minutes. Then, scrub them using a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt.

Repeat the process to ensure there’s no grime left.

Wipe the jewelry pieces to remove excess dirt and polish the metal. Then, rinse the material with cool water. Dry the diamond jewelry with a soft cloth, too.

Taking Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

Expect that your diamond jewelry will develop scratches and lose its shine if not maintained. Damaged jewelry loses its value and can require expensive repairs. Take care of your diamond pieces to prevent all these.

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