How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing a Managed IT Company

By 2025, cybercrime will cost companies around the world an estimated $10.5 trillion annually. As technology advances, cybercriminals do too which causes a cybercrime growth rate of 15% per year.

Any business can fall victim to hackers without proper cybersecurity. To protect your business, you need to find the right IT services the first time around.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid common mistakes when searching for a managed IT company.

Don’t Choose the Cheapest Option

When researching managed IT services in your area, you might be tempted to choose the option with the lowest price. IT services are a long-term investment that can bring you a quick return.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you should be looking for the best option. Make sure the level of service fits your needs before assessing the prices.

For example, IT consulting is a must-have service for a lot of businesses.

Base Your Decision on a Consultation

A managed IT company should offer a consultation or allow you to visit their office before deciding on their services. This lets you become familiar with the environment and IT department.

Don’t choose a company based on a single phone call. When you visit the office, you’ll have a better idea of the fit. Plus, you can then ask for a written proposal to outline the problems they can resolve for you.

Find a Company That Understands Your Network

The IT industry is filled with different technologies and it’s not realistic for a company to know about every piece of technology. For this reason, it’s important to find a team that understands your network.

The first sign of a good IT provider is that they perform a network assessment/IT audit to get an idea of your existing network. This is often taken care of before a service agreement is made and signed.

Without this assessment, a managed IT company cannot truly identify the scale of vulnerabilities or issues that your network has.

Speak to Current Clients

A common mistake that businesses make when searching for IT services is not doing enough research. An important part of the research involves speaking to current clients.

You can find this information through online reviews or by asking for references directly. A reputable company will provide you with 2-3 references.

Choose a Company That Offers a Guarantee

If an IT company can put its money where its mouth is, it is a good sign. However, a lot of businesses make the mistake of not even looking for a guarantee.

It’s not necessarily an end-all-be-all if they don’t offer one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If this isn’t a possibility in your area, focus on finding IT services that care about your needs and don’t just want your money.

What Managed IT Company Is Right for You?

Choosing the cheapest option, basing your decision on a phone call, and finding a company that doesn’t know your network are all common mistakes you don’t want to make when searching for a managed IT company.

Speaking to current customers and choosing a company with a guarantee will benefit you in the long run.

Making the same mistakes as other businesses causes problems for your company in the short and long term. Take what you learned from this guide and read more business tips on our blog!