How Hotel API Integration Can Boost Your Sales In 2022

Hotel businesses are consistently soaring nowadays. Hence, to stay updated with modern world and sprawling technologies, hotel OTAs require to utilize prominent tools back and forth. Hoteliers constantly take assistance from travel portal development services that not only upgrades their website, but also assists them with their business operations. Such trending services offered by the hotel API provider to them ensures efficient sustainable growth in the long run. 

Customers and prospect clients looking to book a hotel or so, always search for a website that offers them every information at one swipe/click on their smartphone. Keeping this preference in mind, you obviously require to upgrade your online portal simultaneously in order to beat your competitors. Let’s quickly learn about the hotel API, followed by quick tips to help you boost your sales this year. 

Hotel API 

A Hotel API system is a web-based service utilized by hotel OTAs. It makes the hospitality and functionality of booking hotels easier and seamless. Additionally, it offers a convenient platform for customers and provides them a whole list of options to compare and choose the best hotel for them. 

As a part of Travel portal development services, Hotel API is an optimum Integration solution. It serves as a gateway for several hotel businesses companies, who desire to make traveling effortless for their customers. Additionally, you should aim to use the best in industry Hotel API system, which can help your business grow and sustain your OTAs performance. 

Post pandemic, there’s undoubtedly a sudden rise in globetrotters. Surprisingly, with such an upsurge, more than 65% of travelers are using a booking app to book a hotel on a regular basis. And since most of these people always have their smartphone on the go, integrating a Hotel API in your mobile app and website will be beneficial for you.

Tips To Boost Sales With Hotel API

Now that you’re aware of this tool, it’s time to learn about the tips and tricks to boost your sales and increase your profits. Whether you’re a newbie or a hotelier looking to upgrade your business strategy, each of you can leverage from API integration. 

Travel Portal Solution (TPS) is a perfect travel agency, which can assist in the growth of your hotel OTA. Our mission is to provide a premium API integration system to various travel websites (whether a startup or an established business), and allow them to accomplish their revenue goals. With our Hotel API, they can upgrade their customer base and seal more deals than others. 

Without further ado, here comes a list of things to consider and integrate within your website. 

Hotel Booking App For Established Businesses

If you’re an established business with a chain of hotels, then a mobile booking app will be beneficial for you. Being a travel portal development company, TPS can provide you assistance with your mobile app, which comes with a preinstalled Hotel API integration for an added convenience. Moreover, a hotel booking app will help you keep a record of every hotel, all at one place. Not just that, it will also help in management of your client base.

Investigate User Activity

Another crucial thing every hotelier and hotel OTA needs to keep track of, is their users’ activity. Whether any user is looking and scrolling for a hotel or getting to the payment gateway and booking a hotel, every little step needs to be managed and investigated. In this way, you can prepare a consumer persona and let every individual user get a desirable experience 

Deliver A Personal Touch 

Selling a service is very common and every other business does it. But you will get brownie points if you shift your focus from selling the service to selling an experiential service. In this case, the travel portal development services can guide and assist your every step. From helping your customer to find their desirable hotel deals to helping you manage your customer base, the Hotel API system will cover it all for you. This integration will also help you  provide a personalized touch for each of your clients.

Walking With Trends To Fuel Growth

By now it becomes apparent that the hotel businesses always need to keep up with the ongoing trends of the travel industry. This will help them in elevating their overall growth. Moreover, your chances of boosting your sales will initially increase, when you’re able to compete in the market by providing desirable results to your customers.


In this era of modernization and technology upgradation, even the hotel businesses need to upgrade their business strategy and make use of an API integration system. Travel Portal Solution endeavors to assist all its partners with an efficient integration platform and help in their sustainable growth. 

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development