How garbage disposal is installed?

Whenever you buy garbage disposal, its installation is worth considering the matter. Although, you can get it installed by consulting any electrical expert or plumber, knowing how to install garbage disposal can help you save the amount of money you spend on the installation.

No matter you want to know how to install a garbage disposal for the first time, or you just want to know how to replace a garbage disposal, the procedure mentioned below will enable you to install your waste disposer unit on your own.

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Get necessary tools:

Before you start replacing or installing a garbage disposal, make sure that you have the tools necessary for this purpose. The tools you may need in the process of installation of garbage disposal include a screwdriver, a wrench, water pump pliers, a putty, and a hacksaw.

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However, the need for an electrical cord depends upon the product you are going to install. If your garbage disposal already has a cord, there is no need to get one, otherwise, you will need to buy a cord also along with other tools.

Remove the older unit:

In this very first step, you need to detach the older waste disposer unit. For this purpose, first, disconnect the electricity for the sake of safety. Then disconnect the dishwasher connection from your garbage disposal if there is one. You may take help from a screwdriver.

In the next step, you are supposed to detach and remove the connection of your garbage disposal with the drainage pipe also known as the waste line. The tool generally used for this purpose is a wrench. After that, remove the older flange assembly unit.

Wiring of new disposer unit:

After successfully removing the older garbage disposal, you have to start installing the newer one. The first thing that you need to do is wiring the disposal unit. It means to give your garbage disposal, electrical connection. If there is no power cord with the product, you can buy it separately and attach it to the waste disposer unit. Or if you want, you can directly hardwire your garbage disposal instead of connecting it through the power cord.

Attach the mounting assembly:

After giving an electrical connection to your garbage disposal unit, the next step is the assembling of mount assembly and mounting ring. This is the main step of the installation of garbage disposal.

In this step, apply the plumber’s putty to the drain flange in order to make it suitable for attachment with the sink drain. Then press the flange against the sink drain until it gets firmly attached to it.

In the next step, you are supposed to tighten or fix the mounting ring. Tightening of mounting ring reduces the chances of leaks.  Then, tighten the flange assembly using the screwdriver. Three screws on the assembly will make possible the effective tightening of assembly.

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Mounting of new disposer unit:

After successfully attaching the mounting assembly, the next step is to mount your new garbage disposal unit of. You can do so by simply attaching the garbage disposal unit with the mounting ring. Then keep it tightening until it is firmly attached to the assembly.

Then attach the p trap or discharge pipe of an appropriate size to your garbage disposal. Now the installation process ha completed and your garbage disposal is ready for use. Turn it on and check whether it is working or not.


If you are going to install a garbage disposal for the first time and don’t know how to accomplish this task, don’t worry about it. We are here to provide your proper guidance in this regard.

The method given in this article will provide you a step-by-step procedure of installing garbage disposal mounting ring,flange assembly and eventually mounting of garbage disposal unit.

Thus, instead of hiring a garbage disposal installation service, you can do this task yourself.

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