How Do I Improve the Employee Happiness in My Workplace?

Organizations with satisfied and happy employees outperform those with dissatisfied and unhappy employees by 202 percent!

Are your employees happy? Although most small and medium-sized enterprises rarely measure the level of employee satisfaction, there’s a high chance a majority of your employees aren’t happy at work.

Yet, employee happiness is central to their productivity and even loyalty. If you’re not investing in the happiness of your employees, you’re doing a big disserve to your business.

Are you ready to learn what you can do to improve the level of employee happiness in your workplace?

Read on!

Measure Employee Happiness in Your Workplace

The first practical and logical step to take when you want to boost employee happiness is to establish the level of happiness in the first place. The results will help inform the further steps you’ll need to implement.

But how do you measure happiness in the workplace?

While there aren’t well-defined metrics to keep an eye on, simply having a candid conversation with your employees in a safe environment will reveal a lot you need to know about their happiness. Be clear about your intentions when having this conversation.

Other options include providing an anonymous feedback platform and observing performance and attitude. For example, employees who’re unhappy will typically want to spend more time away from their roles. As such, tracking employee attendance can help you gather crucial data about their happiness and satisfaction.

Improve Your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is a collection of the people-facing values and practices of an organization. Does the culture in your workplace promote employee happiness or it’s a toxic place that’s actively working against your employees?

Workplace culture is the single most important thing you can change to create high-impact change in employee happiness. Conduct a review of your workplace policies and establish whether they’re truly helping your employees. Don’t be surprised to find that there are policies or even personnel that are making your workplace unbearable.

Strive to create new policies that promote transparency, fairness, and equality.

When you’re hiring new people, don’t just look at their qualifications. They need to be a good culture fit; otherwise, they can negatively affect the happiness of their colleagues. A whopping 60 percent of employees say their workmates are the biggest contributor to job happiness.

Hire a Happiness Officer

You’ve likely read news of organizations that are hiring chief happiness officers.

These positions aren’t a preserve of the large corporations. Your small business can also bring in someone who will be responsible for designing and implementing a happiness strategy. This should be a professional with extensive human resource management experience.

Put Employee Happiness First

Employee happiness might not be the first thing on your plate when you’re running a business. After all, you expect your employees to be professionals who do their job as required. True, but you’re making a big mistake.

Happy employees lead to increased organizational productivity. Invest in their happiness and reap more profits.

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