How and Why Indian Men Shifted from Dhotis to Cool Boxers?

Origin and History of Dhoti:

The word Dhoti has originated from the Sanskrit word Dhauta. Dhoti is a traditional bottom wear worn by men. It is a piece of 5 yards of cloth wrapped around the waist to cover the legs.

Several Indian political leaders wore Dhotis across the Indian Subcontinent. People still wear Dhotis at religious festivals or ceremonies. These are like lowers for men. They are primarily found in white and cream colors, and come in different styles or variants. Their different names come from the cities people wear them in.

Briefing the Boxers:

Boxers, also known as trunks, are a type of undergarments worn by men. Boxers come in different styles and designs. These are airy and comfortable, like lowers for men, and come in various designs and patterns. They can be worn under your slim-fit jeans and are great to lounge around in the house.

Introduction of Boxers in India:

The boxers were introduced in Indian soon after the invasion of the British. The British made their soldiers, along with the Indians, wear boxers. Boxer shorts became popular due to their comfort level. People started developing their interest in boxers, and boxers began to come in trend. Boxers started coming in different prints, styles, colours and people started loving them.

Boxers started to become popular in India.

Boxers started to become popular in India due to their comfort, style, durability and low prices. They give us a sensation of freshness. People began to wear boxers instead of dhotis. The trend of dhotis started to lower down shortly after the introduction of boxers. The main problem is that these days dhotis can’t be worn everywhere we go.  So boxers are a far better option than dhotis and can be worn at any place we go to, and we can still look cool in them.

The reasons why people started to develop a keen interest in boxers over dhotis are:

  1. Comfort

For many people, the main reason for choosing boxers over dhotis is simply comfort. They are made of special cotton cloth which makes them very comfortable. They provide a looser fit than any other undergarments. They are also very comfortable while playing outdoor games. Lightweight boxers make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. They allow your crotch good ventilation so it can breathe ideally.

  1. Variety

Boxers are available in different varieties of materials. Boxers made of different types of cloth are available like cotton, silk, wool and many other materials. Boxers made of wool are also suitable for the winter seasons and can provide you a good amount of heat. People can sit in their homes comfortably and not feel cold. This was another reason for people to change their choice of dhotis to boxers.

  1. Sleepwear

Boxers are highly suitable for sleeping or doing other activities. Men and women both like being comfortable at night. Due to its fabric, it doesn’t show our curves and details. Due to the availability of boxers, people don’t have to wear pajamas, and there is less dirty laundry. This was another reason to prioritize boxers over dhotis.

  1. Prints and Designs

There is an availability of a large number of prints and designs of boxers. Different trends of styles and variations come in boxer shorts as they become popular among people. Different boxers come and go, and people match their shirts, t-shirts, caps, etc. with their boxers to look good.

  1. Sperm quality

Boxers allow free movement of our body parts. They allow our testicles to operate for sperm production at the right temperature required. Studies have shown better sperm quality in men who wear boxers as boxers allow proper ventilation of the parts responsible for sperm production.

The above points clearly show the upper hand of men boxers over the traditional dhotis and how boxers can keep them comfortable. Hopefully, with the above advantages of boxers over dhotis and the history of dhotis and boxers in India, you are now aware of the reason for the transition of dhotis to boxers. So, go ahead and buy from a huge variety of boxers online in India at

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