MLA Salary in Kerala

As you know there are various professions in life, some of them are corporate, while some are in the creative field, and some of them are even related to politics, but every profession on its own needs hard work and consistency. There is no such profession that does not require hard work, every profession teaches you something or the other as such. While talking about politics, it requires great leadership and effort. Leadership skills are a must to win an election. Politics are not only limited to elections but also mind games, ruling over a particular place or the nation, politics has created great power over people. Politicians in every state are adamant about their positions. Not everyone can rule over this field. It is related to making decisions in groups or even other forms of activities.

While talking about the salaries of MLA in Kerala which means: “Members of Legislative Assembly”

Usually, MLAs receive salaries according to their benefits, allowance, and perks. As per Indian constitution 164, these benefits are decided by Kerala state legislators.

It is also observed that only a member of the legislative assembly can work as a minister for more than 6 months preferably and only he can become the speaker of the legislature. The basic role of the Legislator involves understanding the spirit of existing laws, also planning laws, and studying, discussing, and then supporting or opposing the enactment of these new laws. 

Salary of MLA in Kerala

Though the basic pay of the MLA is minimal, the total amount will be a minimum of 39500/- It depends from person to person, how they utilize their services, and other allowances and perks.

Benefits for Kerala MLA

  • Monthly salary: Rs 1000/-
  • Constituency allowances: Rs 12000/-
  • Phone allowance- Rs 7500/-
  • Information allowance – Rs 1000/-
  • Sumptuary allowance- 3000/-
  • Travelling allowance- Rs 15000/-

This is the total summary for INR 39500/-

MLA sitting fees in Kerala

  • Attending Legislative Assembly meeting: Rs. 750/-
  • Attending Legislative Committee: Rs. 750/-

MLA medical allowances

  • As per the latest information it will be given to all family members as per MLA’S benefit for the position.

MLA loan facilities

  • Interest free for vehicle’s loan: Rs. 5,00,000/-
  • Home loan at 4%  of interest: Rs. 10,00,000/-

MLA pension after retirement

  • The pension will be given according to the completion of all the services offered. INR 35000 will be the maximum amount according to the age.
  •  If it is completed in less than 2 years: Rs. 6,000/-
  •  If it is Completed up to 2 years: Rs. 7,000/-
  •  If it is Completed up to 3 years: Rs. 8,000/-
  • If it is Completed up to 4 years: Rs. 9,000/-
  •  If it is Completed up to 5 years: Rs. 10,000/-
  •  If the Ex-MLA has served for more than 5 years, an additional amount of Rs. 750/- for every year.

MLA age benefits

  •  If the Additional benefit for Ex-MLA is over 70 years and less than 80 years then the amount will be Rs. 2,500/-
  •  If the Additional benefit for Ex-MLA is over 80 years and less than 90 years then the amount will be Rs. 3,000/-
  •  If the Additional benefit for Ex-MLA is over 90 years then the amount will be Rs. 3,500/-

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