Doctor Salary in Kerala

While talking about professions, all of them are respected. Be it a house caretaker or be it a doctor, each profession earns its living. Each profession should be respected and should have its rights. There are different fields through which people choose their dream job or work. While talking about the science stream consists of engineering, medical, and various other professions. Medicine has various factors too. Doctors are said to be the source of happiness to the people who are living their last breath due to their health. 

A profession related to doctors always has gained high respect due to their dignity and talent to treat every patient with equality. It’s said that a real doctor is a person who doesn’t judge any of his patients but treats them all with equality and puts their best into saving a life. When one talks about a doctor’s income, one must know that for a doctor, a real income is to save every person around him. There are various types of doctors for eg: physicians, psychiatrists, dermatologists, ENT specialists, and many more of them performing their experiences for many years now.

All doctors take an oath while performing any surgery. Anyone willing to study medicine must know that he/she should be licensed to practice their profession, be it a pharmacist, a doctor, a surgeon, or anyone. While talking about the salaries, one must know that the salaries of doctors are different in every city and it also depends upon their experience in this field.

Doctors’ salaries in Kerala

The average salary of a doctor (physician) in Kerala per month is around ₹ 64,805/-. The average annual salary for a doctor is ₹ 4,52,000/- for less than 1 to 10 years of experience while for more than 10 years of experience the salary ranges from 4 to 6 lakhs per annum.

Top companies in Kerala for physicians

  • Gautam hospital: ₹ 1,50,000 per month
  • MCS: 87,196 per month

Highest paying cities for doctors (physicians) in Kerala

  • Kottayam, Kerala: ₹1,04,159/-
  • Palakkad district, Kerala: ₹ 65684/-
  • Kochi, Kerala: ₹ 54,882/-
  • Palghar, Kerala: ₹ 52,584/-
  • Alleppey, Kerala: ₹ 78,584/-
  • Trichur, Kerala: ₹45,544/-
  • Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala : ₹ 38,546/-
  • Calicut, Kerala: ₹ 36,887/-

It is mentioned that a doctor’s salary depends upon the number of years and experience in the particular field as their skill represents their income. 

Important FAQ regarding the government of Kerala compared with the average salary range for this job?

  • The average salary is usually 4.5 lakhs per year which is said to be 37% less than the average salary of a doctor in India as the average salary is estimated to be 7.1 lakhs per year.

The father of medicine is known as “Hippocrates” the Greek doctor!!

One must know that a real doctor is a man who can make the unexpected happen while healing patients with his talents and not medicines…

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