BSC Nursing Salary in Kerala

As one knows that there are various fields to choose from regarding career. While talking about the 3 fields which are Arts, commerce and science. Studies for Arts consist of theory and history, commerce is a basic structure of finance modulations. The options have increased as compared to the previous generation in terms of studies. Some prefer to study abroad, while some still prefer to complete their graduation in Bombay as one must know that Bombay has been the top city for studies. and while talking about science it consists of medical science, engineering, etc. In medical science, there are various fields in which people have interests. 

Similarly, a bachelor of science in nursing which is also known as a bachelor of nursing is said to be a degree in principles and science of nursing that is granted by an education. While speaking about the course of study it is particularly 3 to 4 years. The difference in this degree is the courses required as a part of the degree which requires completion of main courses in maths and natural sciences that are more typical of a BSC degree.  This course mainly focuses on nursing theory, nursing process, and teaching versions of general science topics that are adapted to be more specific and which are relevant to nursing practice. The students interested in nursing are required to take courses in social and behavioural sciences and liberal arts. The bachelor’s degree will prepare them for a wide variety of professional roles and graduate study. While talking about the income in this field here is a short description of it. 

 Bachelors of nursing salary in Kerala

  • The salary of a BSC nurse in Kerala and a private hospital is usually INR 16,500 to 46,800 per month. 
  • While working for a government institution their salary would be Rs 27000 to Rs 59,400

 Top Cities in Kerala for BSC nursing salary

  • Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: ₹ 14,000 to 15,000/-
  • Ernakulam, Kerala: ₹ 20,000- 30,000/-
  • Kottayam, Kerala: ₹ 15,000- 20,000/-
  • Kochi, Kerala: ₹ 15,000- 20,000/-
  • Calicut, Kerala: ₹ 25,000- 30,000/-

Top colleges for BSC nursing in Kerala with fees

  • Alshifa College of nursing, Malappuram: ₹ 80,500/-
  • Archana college of engineering, Alappuzha: ₹ 90,000/-
  • EMS college of nursing, Malappuram: ₹ 80,000/-
  • DR. Somerville memorial medical college, Thiruvananthapuram: ₹ 80,500/-

One must know that the BSC nursing jobs in Kerala are one of the trending career choices for fresher candidates appearing. Even if you are a fresher, or someone who has been in the medical industry for a long time now, there are a wide variety of options related to nursing, pharmacy, or many more medical jobs. As for BSC, you are required to possess some skills. Since the BSC jobs are now very common and popular, some jobs are offered across industries by the top companies.

The top companies which offer BSC jobs are as follows

  • Healthvista India Pvt ltd
  • Skills solutions

One can apply to these companies for BSC nursing jobs as they are very known in the industry.

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