Glasses: Multiple functions with style!

Owing to the different types of lenses, glasses are a multi-functional accessory in present times. This has been made possible by technological advancements and innovation in the eyewear industry.

Recently, while buying glasses online, I was amazed not only by the massive collection but also by the services such as try glasses on at home, same day glasses, among others. The other thing that left me surprised was the multiple choices of lenses available.

Based on the functions that glasses provide, here are the different types of glasses that you need to know. 

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses serve the most basic function of glasses – eyesight correction. These are pairs that come with lenses fitted with an individual’s prescription.

If you need eyesight correction, prescription glasses are something that you must put on for a clarity in vision. You can even get the lenses of your prescription glasses customised to serve other functions as well. 

Anti-glare Glasses

Glare is caused when horizontally reflected light rays – reflected after striking various surfaces – reach our eyes. One of the most common problems that one can experience due to glare is lack of clarity in vision. And hence, glare needs to be dealt with. A pair of anti-glare glasses is super effective in eliminating glare. Let’s see how!

A thin anti-reflective coating is applied over the lenses of anti-glare glasses. This coating prevents the reflected light responsible for causing glare from reaching our eyes, and in this process, eliminates the occurrence of glare.

While glare is more commonly observed during activities like driving, cycling, sports, among others, you always have the option of getting your glasses customised with an anti-reflective coating as glare is not under your control and you should be ready to deal with it as and when it arises. 


The need for UV protection is very important, and this is the reason why sunglasses are a must have. 

Recently, I bought a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses for women over the internet. This pair came with both UVA & UVB protective coatings, which combine to give a 100% UV protection. But how do sunglasses provide UV protection? The answer again lies in their lenses.

The lenses of sunglasses come with UV protective coating, which ensures that all the UV rays incident over their surface are blocked from reaching our eyes.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most of us have been subjected to an increase in screen time, with our dependence on digital screens taking an upward rise. This has also increased our exposure to blue light.

When our eyes are exposed to blue light in an excessive amount or under conditions of dim light, it might cause eye strain, dry eyes, and also disturb our sleep cycle. This is why opting for blue light blocking glasses is necessary.

The lenses of blue light glasses reduce the blue light reaching our eyes significantly, by using a blue light protective coating over their surface. Blue light blocking glasses are great for your digital wellbeing. It is high time that you get a pair for yourself. 

Fake Glasses

Glasses that do not have any prescription fitted into their lenses and serve the sole function of just a fashion accessory are known as fake glasses.

Every now and then, you will spot famous celebrities putting on glasses to make a strong style statement. This has given a push to the sale of fake glasses. However, it needs to be understood that many people today recognise glasses as one of the most intimate fashion accessories, which was not the case earlier on. 


Transition lenses are super cool as they are designed in a manner that they can change the colours of their tints according to the light incident over their surfaces. This is made possible by the light-sensitive nature of transition lenses. 

The ability to change their tint colours make transition lenses ideal for both your indoor and outdoor needs. Transition lenses maintain a clear appearance when you put them on in an indoor environment. Once you step out in sunny conditions, these lenses undergo a change in colour of their tints, and not only provide UV protection but also appear as cool as normal sunnies. 

Varifocal Glasses

Eyesight correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and anything in between – this is what a single pair of varifocal lenses does. Varifocals are testament to the scientific advancements made in the eyewear industry. 

There are three different visibility zones – namely, near, far, and intermediate – in varifocal lenses, and separate areas are assigned for these zones. Each of these zones cater to eyesight correction for varying distances. 

The use of three visibility zones ensures that when you switch your gaze between objects located at different distances, the transition in vision is smooth and there is no irritation. Unlike the bifocal lenses, there is no compromise in the visual appeal of varifocals as the boundaries separating the visibility zones in varifocals are not visible to the naked eye.

Amit Kumar

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