Get Away: 7 Amazing Weekend Trip Ideas

It seems like we should just have a bank of ideas for things to do on long weekends. When the time rolls around, though, we tend to just do the same old things. 

Why not shift things up and take an exciting, short trip for once? We’re going to throw some ideas for a weekend trip your way, giving you a little insight into the things that you could do. 

Let’s take a look. 

1. National Parks

Take a trip to a national park and experience the majesty that this part of the earth has to offer. Wherever you are, there’s a national park within a few hours’ driving distance. 

What’s more, is that you can have some luxurious lodging in a place that’s as pristine and natural as it gets. Take a look at Zion glamping options for a comfortable stay in the near-wilderness. 

2. No Destination

Huh? No destination.

That’s right. Just hop in the car with your partner and start going somewhere. Have a budget, know when you have to get home, and just see where life takes you for a couple of days. 

There are hotels and Air BnB’s everywhere in the world. You’re not going to get lost or put yourself in danger. Let loose, try something new, and see how you like it!

3. Fly Somewhere

It’s possible to fly somewhere for a weekend and come back while justifying it in your budget. This is one of the most clutch last-minute weekend getaway ideas.

There are always cheap flights to somewhere and back. Maybe they’re fifty dollars, maybe they’re one-hundred. Wherever you go, it will be a trip that you and your partner remember. 

Spontaneity is key to keeping attraction alive. 

4. Find a Secluded Campsite

Camping out with your loved one is a great way to put the technology aside and get some quality time. Additionally, there are bound to be beautiful and secluded campsites in your area that you’ve never thought about or heard of. 

Do a little research, pick a spot, and make it happen. It’s one of the best weekend getaways for couples.

5. Contact an Old Friend

You and your partner are bound to have at least one friend who lives out of state. Give them a month’s notice or so and see if you could come to visit them for a weekend. 

It’s a great way to make a meaningful vacation and do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Plus, your friend might really love to see you. 

6. Pick an Ocean

Go to one of the coasts on the continental United States. Doesn’t matter where, but making a trip out to see the ocean is a great impetus for you to leave and start the adventure. 

A lot of times, we just need an excuse to leave. 

7. Find a Bed & Breakfast in a Small Town

Your trip doesn’t have to be as glamorous as you might think. Sometimes, staying in a small town for a few days gives you a chance to really dig into a community that you’ve never experienced before. 

Go to restaurants, talk to people, and enjoy yourself in a new place. 

Need More Weekend Trip Ideas? 

Planning a weekend trip can be tough, but you’ve got to squeeze a weekend getaway in there every now and then. We’re here to help you with more ideas. 

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Alen Parker

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