Generating Your Own Email Newsletter Templates

Social media isn’t the only digital marketing channel in your toolbelt. Email is far from dead. The majority of marketers still rely on email at a staggering 87%.

Newsletters are central to successful email marketing, but the above statistic begs the question: what makes an effective email marketing campaign?

Like all marketing campaigns, you’ll need a suite of tools, including management platforms, copywriting, and media.

Among the most crucial email media are templates. Email newsletter templates give your content a professional feel, creating trust and credibility with subscribers. Plus, they balance out your newsletters, providing enough white space for the eyes to rest.

Templates also come with fonts, themes, and color schemes to help you tailor your email campaigns to specific segments.

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What’s the Occasion?

Not every template is appropriate for each newsletter. A kid-themed newsletter with party balloons and clowns will not work for that quarterly shareholder’s newsletter, but that sleek formal template would be perfect.

Colors also matter.

Business newsletter templates typically feature blues, greys, and black tones. However, spring green, lavender, and more colorful shades also work if you use them correctly. If you already have brand colors, use those to maintain consistency in your marketing.

You can always accent your newsletter design with Christmas trees, Easter eggs, or another holiday-themed clip art if you’re running a holiday promotion. Find holiday clip art in your email creation app or download it from another source. 

How to Find Email Newsletter Templates

Your email marketing platform should have built-in templates, but you don’t have to use them. There are plenty of sources that let you download new templates. You can even score some for free!

Google Docs, for example, has newsletter templates, but your choices are few. However, you can customize them to your liking for free. Plus, Docs is a great tool to learn on.

You can also buy high-quality templates if you want more design work.

You’ll only find basic, generic templates for free. Instead, purchase engaging, eye-popping templates from graphic design agencies. You could also hire a graphic designer to create custom templates for your company.

Before You Launch

If you’ve never sent an email newsletter before, there’s a bit of a learning curve. You should defintely create some practice newsletters to send to yourself and your marketing team first. You need the correct font, color combination, content, etc.

Create a bullet-point checklist of everything you need.

Example items include:

  • Content quality (editing, proofreading, etc.)
  • Legible font
  • The balance between white space and content
  • Length
  • Contact information
  • Hyperlinks
  • QR codes

Another critical action item is your call to action.

The CTA goes at the end of your newsletter, encouraging subscribers to take action on something. You could ask them to refer a friend, direct them to a product page, or sign up for a beta program. The Email List Company also has tons of ideas for effective call-to-action content.

Generate Newsletters With Impact

Don’t let your newsletters fall into the spam box. Create email newsletters that add real value to subscribers’ lives.

The right email newsletter templates are the icing on the cake, helping subscribers to share your content on their social media channels.

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