Everything You Need to Know About Airport Long Term Parking

Now that COVID is at bay, people are getting out and traveling more than they have in the last two years. Many experts think 2022 will be the biggest travel summer ever.

This means figuring out parking at the airport. Most airports across the nation and world have many different types of lots for leaving your vehicle. Parking decks are close by and covered, but they will cost you a premium.

If you are going on a lengthy trip, or want to get the lowest rate, then airport long term parking is your best option. But there are different choices to make in this regard as well.

The information below will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of airport parking. It provides information on the advantages of each and will help you decide when long term parking is the way to go.

Airport Short Term Parking

Short term parking, in general, is parking closest to the terminal. The main purpose of it is for dropping off or receiving someone from the airport. It may be a good option if you will only be there an hour or less and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks.

Other than special services, like valet, this will be the most expensive option. In most airports, there is not a time limit for using short term parking. But there will not be a daily rate option, just an hourly one that is much higher than other options.

Airport Long Term Parking

Long term parking is a generic term used to describe anything other than short term parking. In some cases, it means parking that is farther away than short term but still walkable. It often entails uncovered lots.

Sometimes long term parking is distinct from economy parking, which is farther away and warrants the use of a shuttle. In other airports, long term and economy are one and the same.

Private Economy Lots

Private lots that are not associated with the airport are yet another option. Their whole goal is to be competitive (with the airport and each other), so you are likely to find the cheapest rates at one of these.

Since they are off the airport grounds, you will have to take a shuttle. But sometimes they will offer special services, like a free car wash, while you are away.

For example, at Newark Liberty International Airport, you have four options. Short term parking is $5.25 for every half hour. Airport long term parking is a little cheaper at $4.25 every half hour with a $38 per-day cap.

But there are other options for long term parking in Newark. The economy lot, which requires using a shuttle, is just $21 a day. Private lots, like Vista Parking, will charge as little as $14 a day, which is much cheaper than any other available option.

Learn More About How to Park at the Airport

Now that you have an idea of the advantages of airport long term parking, you can decide which option is best for you. Remember that each airport is unique, so do your research beforehand to ensure you get the best rate based on the duration of your stay.

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