Drink Kava Vanuatu to Cure Stress and Anxiety

Kava is a small shrub found in the pacific islands that people have used for centuries to naturally treat their stress and anxiety. Consuming kava as a drink is becoming increasingly popular as it serves as a non-habit alternative for alcohol to relax your senses. Kava or kava Vanuatu is derived from the ground roots of the Piper methysticum plant, which makes it related to the black peppercorn.   

Piper methysticum is known as “intoxicating pepper” in Polynesian islands. That is why many people like the kava tea’s hangover-free buzz.

The roots were beaten into a pulp by our forefathers. They’d mix it with coconut milk and water to make an earthy-flavored drink that would make them feel good.

It has a slightly bitter flavor. This is why the Tongans and Marquesics called the bush “kava.” In both ancient dialects, kava signifies “bitterness.”

Warm temperatures and full sunlight are ideal for kava. The perfect climate for kava is found in the South Pacific. 

Several different names around the world know kava: 

  • Kava Kava (Fiji, Tonga) 
  • Kawa Kawa (Māori, present-day New Zealand)  
  • ‘Ava (Samoa) 
  • ‘Awa (Hawaii) 
  • Malak (Vanuatu) 
  • Rauschpfeffer (Germany) 
  • Sakao (Pohnpei) 
  • Yaqano (Fiji) 

Many island nations have long treasured this plant. Kava tea is commonly taken before or after religious ceremonies in Hawaii and Fiji. Vanuatu’s men are also encouraged to drink kava tea to acquire enlightenment.

How Does It Work?

Drinking kava tea or taking a tincture of kava can help you relax. This changed state of consciousness may be just what some people need to deal with their social anxiety disorder. Others may use kava powder to help them become more self-aware.

The unique compounds in kava, known as Kavalactones, are responsible for a vast spectrum of benefits. There are 18 varieties of Kavalactones recognized, with six types accounting for 90% of these compounds.

Kavalactones have a one-of-a-kind ability to affect the limbic system. Our limbic system controls our emotions, motives, and instincts. It is the source of our natural fight-or-flight response. These are good defenses to have on hand in a crisis. However, many of us are overworked and pressured to the point where our fight-or-flight defenses are always active. Kavalactones have been found to attach to receptors in our brain that control our limbic system. Kavain, in particular, has a powerful relaxing impact on the body. 

How does Kava Benefits Us In Dealing With Stress And Anxiety?

Our forefathers have used this medical substance for centuries to promote wellness. The current researchers also realize that such natural remedies can provide us with anxiety relief, enhanced sleep patterns, and a way to unwind ourselves without making it a habit. Here are some of the significant benefits that we can take from kava.

  • Help With the Better Sleep

Stress and anxiety generally cause humans a disturbed sleep pattern. It occurs as, under stress, our body produces too much of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause racing thoughts and anxious behavior and make us feel uneasy.

Scientific studies have proven that Kavalactones can help us naturally lower cortisol levels and improve DNA synthesis. It initiates the production of feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin.

Kava powder consumption can help you experience a rise in happy neurotransmitters. As a result, you stop feeling anxious during your bedtime. The less cortisol production throughout the day with the help of kava can help you get your sleep patterns back on track and promote a better sleep-wake cycle for you.

  • Reduce Your Anxiety 

Kava is an effective remedy for anxiety for several people worldwide. Experts have found that kava influences many neural pathways that alter our anxious behaviors. Kava compounds are known to enhance serotonin and dopamine levels. These hormones help us to focus more on tasks at hand that matter the most to us. Kava also impacts histamine receptors. As a result, immunological reactions that can lead to inflammation are less likely. 

  • Stress Relief

Stress manifests itself in an assortment of forms at any time. Kava is a beautiful natural approach to relieving stress. Kava aids in reducing cortisol levels, which can lead to an increase in stress. Kava can also help you think more clearly. As a result, you’ll face fewer obstacles as you work toward your objectives. Furthermore, kava tinctures are excellent natural sleep aids. As a result, you’ll awaken refreshed and ready to face the day’s challenges.

Drink Kava Vanuatu and Combat Stress and Anxiety Effectively

Kava is a non-addictive way to wind down at the end of the day. It can also be utilized as a quick anxiety therapy. Please visit a physician if you want to take kava and don’t have any pre-existing liver issues. To see how your body reacts, try taking a precise serving of kava in the form of a powder. Otherwise, curl up with a warm cup of kava tea and unwind for the night. Whatever you choose, don’t go above the advised serving portion. You’ll acquire the most out of it when you drink kava responsibly!

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