Debunking the Most Common HR Myths That Exist Today

Both employees and employers rely on the HR department for hiring, mediation, and disputes. Human resources professionals have a large job, but many people who aren’t in the HR field have no idea what they actually do. This means that a lot of myths have been spreading through the internet.

We’re here to talk about a few common HR myths that (usually) aren’t true. Read on to learn more.

HR Only Protects the Company

It is true that bad human resource teams will only protect the company. Not all companies have ethical practices, and because of this, HR has to prioritize the wellbeing of the company over all else, even if it harms customers and employees.

That said, the best human resources providers are able to help everyone involved. This is especially true if helping the employees will also help the business as a whole.

For example, HR managers are crucial when it comes to discrimination cases. If there’s workplace discrimination, it casts a bad light on the business and disrupts the employees. By combating it, they protect the company’s image and the employees.

HR Works Alone

Whether you have a single HR professional or a full HR department, you can be sure that they’re not working in a vacuum. There are plenty of moving parts that are all working together to make HR as efficient and helpful as possible.

Many companies invest in HR consulting and training from companies like Ignite HCM. Those consultants can make sure that the HR department is doing everything by the books to best serve employees and employers.

HR also works with the other departments within the business. They keep the operation running.

HR Is Only for Complaints

Some people only ever interact with HR when something is wrong. While this may be what they’re most known for, they actually have other purposes.

HR also deals with the hiring process and mediation between employees and employers. While complaints are often involved in mediation, that’s not always true.

In other words, HR still works when no one is complaining to them.

HR Is Just for Show

Again, this is something that can be true in certain companies that don’t use ethical practices. HR departments may have to err on the side of listening to other employees without actually following through and doing anything. They may not have enough power.

A good HR department, however, will be able to help employees. They don’t have the power to make serious changes, but they can offer recommendations and reach out to relevant authorities if there’s a serious problem. They can be advocates.

Have You Heard These HR Myths?

Having a strong HR department is a smart management decision for any small business owner. Knowing these common HR myths can ease the minds of employees and employers alike when it comes to interacting with HR professionals.

Remember: HR is there to help the business and the employees. Don’t underestimate them!

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