10 Trending Courses After 12th For All Streams

Nowadays, education is a prime thing to build up a student’s career. After completing class 12th, students drift around to select the best courses after 12th.

In this article, you will get career counseling for selecting one best course after 12th from the list of top 10 trending courses after 12th.

Students are confused about how to choose the courses after the 12th. They want to consider all aspects such as career prospects, job opportunities, whether they should go for their passion, preference, and so on.

In India, it is observed that students are not aware of the courses that they can pursue after class 12. Therefore, we believe reading this article will help students of all streams to select one of the best suitable courses after 12th

Choosing a course is not an easy task rather, one needs to be proactive and very much motivated. While choosing a course student’s interest, their goals and preferences must be considered.

These days, one of the highly demanding courses after class 12 is Digital Marketing. It is also one of the highest salary jobs in India. Therefore, interested students to make a lucrative career join the best digital marketing institute after 12th. The other best courses after 12th are Chartered Accountant, B.Com (Hons), BBA, Fashion Designing, LLB, and so on.

Now, let’s dive into the article to learn about the top 10 trending courses after 12th in India.

Top 10 Trending Courses After 12th

The list of trending courses after 12th are as follows:

1. Digital Marketing Courses After 12th

Digital Marketing is one of the demanding courses for students after 12th. Students of commerce, science, and arts can opt for this course. Digital marketing courses include content marketing, email marketing, SMO (social media optimization), SEO (search engine optimization), and so on. Also, it is a cost-effective course as if you just need an internet connection.

2. Engineering After 12th

Engineering is one of the most preferred courses after 12. Students of the science stream mostly prefer to opt for this course. Not all can pursue this course because this course is a bit difficult. Also, an engineering college in India costs around Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 800,000 or even more depending upon which institute and branch you choose.

3. Law

Law courses after the 12th are very high in demand amongst students. Every year over 400,000 students clear the LLB degree from a law institute. The cost of Law courses basically lies around Rs. 100,000 to around Rs. 400,000 depending upon which institute you select. Also, this is one of the highest salaried jobs in India.

4. Medicine

Medicine is India’s most attractive course after the 12th. More than 50,000 students become doctors every year. The medicine courses include Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Dentistry, and so on. This course costs around Rs. 500,000 to one million. Though it is quite expensive, the salary of doctors is quite high in India. After pursuing this course, one can even go abroad for medical jobs.

5. Architecture Courses After 12th

Architecture courses or BArch is of 5 years, and around 50,000 students clear this course every year. An architecture course expenses lie around Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 500,000 depending upon the university you opt for. If you go abroad to study architecture, then the cost may increase.

6. Journalism

The increase in digital advertising, electronic print media, digital news media, etc. increases the demand for journalism in India. Now, journalism has turned to be one of the highest demanding courses after 12th. Bachelor of Communication and Journalism or Bachelor of Mass Communication degree are majorly costs around 3,00,000 if you pursue from a reputed university.

7. Chartered Accountant Courses After 12th

Chartered Accountancy in India the best course for students to pursue after completing class 12th. For CA courses, students have to enroll themselves for ICAI. This is one of the cheapest course and costs around Rs. 50,000. As per the survey, around one lakh students enroll themselves for the CA course and only one-third of them crack the ca exam. This course is very complex.

8. Pharmacy

In India, more than 20,000 students graduate as pharmacist every year. This course is gaining popularity due to opening of various private health care facilities all over the country. It is a three-year course and costs around 2 to 3 lakhs.

9. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is India’s most appreciated course. Students interested in painting, sketching, stitching, etc. can only pursue this course after 12th. This course in India costs around 2-3 lakhs.

10. Commercial Pilot

After the boom in the aviation sector, there is a massive demand for commercial pilots in India. Also, these are one of the most profitable jobs in India. Moreover, the cost of a study of pilot courses is very high. It costs around 24 lakhs or above.

Why Digital Marketing Courses After 12th

In India, Digital Marketing is amongst the highest growing (25-30% growth per year) career option after 12th. Also, it is one of the lucrative jobs in India. The demand for digital marketers has also increased immensely. Now in India, whether big or small companies, recruit a digital marketer.

Given below are few reason why students opt for Digital Marketing Courses after 12th:

  • It allows you to work in an advanced digital environment.
  • It also allows flexible time working and no restriction of boundaries.
  • Moreover, sitting at your home comfortably you can run your business globally.
  • Lastly, you can earn more by freelancing work for international clients.

Where to Join for Digital Marketing Courses?

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Hope this article will help you select one of the best courses after 12th. Whatever the course you select to pursue after the 12th, make sure you have an interest in that course. Students mostly opt for courses like medicine, engineering, chartered accountant, etc. But choosing a Digital Marketing course after 12th can be a life-changing decision for students.

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