Making the decision to start as a freelance web copywriter is not always easy. Enthusiasm, apprehension and excitement, all of his emotions blend together. Do not panic! We assure you, the adventure is beautiful and easy to use. The best is to go step by step. Once your company is created, the first step is to find your first customer. Not only will he be a carrier of business, but this first transformed prospect will give you confidence. As a copywriter, this prospect will also allow you to create a portfolio of writing examples. You can reuse them later to showcase your skills and style. But how do you manage this first customer?  

When you have had a positive exchange with a prospect, understood their need and you have agreed on the terms of the collaboration, the ideal is to send them a business proposal. What is the interest of the quote? It allows you to define a price and contract a service provision while reassuring your new customer. How to structure your quote and what tool can help you achieve it in a professional manner? After completing the copywriting course we also guide you step by step to make your copywriting quote for your new client.

How to present your quote to your new customer?

A prospect before committing may ask you for a quote. This will summarize the details of the service you will have to perform. To convince your new client, a quote must be complete and well detailed. An estimate must at least be structured around three main categories:

  • The general information about your company and the client: a professional quote should always include your contact details and those of the client. This information can be used subsequently to serve for invoicing.
  • The detail of the service provision: This involves defining the subject of the estimate, i.e. the service provision. Try to be as complete as possible by including the different options, the date of issuance of the quote and the expected delivery date.
  • Tariffs: the estimate must define the cost of the service overall. Likewise, if relevant, include the price of the options you are offering to your new customer.

Although not comprehensive, this list gives you a good basis for writing a quote. It then remains to include the conditions, guarantees and other legal information.

What information should be included on a quote as a web writer?

We saw previously, how to structure your quote properly to convince your prospect. To establish an estimate that protects you and clearly delineates the conditions for carrying out your service as a web editor, the following legal information should be added to it.

Legal mentions

Any estimate must include the legal notices under penalty of exposing its author to a fine. But what are they?

A quote should always be titled as such or state “Price Proposal”. Along with the basic information about you and your customers, it is also essential not to forget to mention the legal status of your company as well as the SIRET number. At a minimum, the legal notices must make it possible to identify the company issuing the estimate. 


Did you know that as a web writer, you can benefit from your copyright? Indeed, the service of writing for web content is a work that comes from the intellectual property of the author. However, when you write for a prospect, you will cede those copyrights to them. Indeed, web writing for a third party site requires that you assign your rights to it. The customer can then claim that your text is in his name unless you include in your quote a statement indicating the contrary. So keep in mind!

How to automate the sending to save time?

As a copywriter, you are also an entrepreneur. Saving time on the administrative part is essential to be able to devote yourself to your business. In order to automate your shipments when managing a customer, it is best to explore the software for setting up quotes and invoices. Many of those mentioned above allow you to register your customers and automate relationship follow-up emails: quotation, acknowledgment and payment recording. So many tasks that are easy to automate and that will make your life easier.

How to write a good email accompanying the quote?

Last step to send your web writing quote to your prospect, let’s finally move on to our advice for the accompanying email. If your quote is complete and detailed, all you need to do is tell your new client the key points. Recall the context of the establishment of this quote, its need and your corresponding offer. Finally, don’t forget to thank him for his trust! Good luck and good prospecting!

Alen Parker

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