Concrete Countertops and Beyond: 5 Unique Ways to Use Concrete in Your Home

Did you know concrete-like mixtures were used to create the Egyptian Pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, and the Great Wall of China? The earliest intentional use of a concrete-like mixture stretches back to 9,500 BCE to create massive T-shaped pillars in a Turkish temple. 

While the formula of concrete has come a long way since then, concrete continues to be a vital component when building. From concrete countertops to garden accents, concrete can be an integral part of your design as well.

This post will walk you through the many ways you can use concrete to increase the style and functionality of your home. Read on! 

1. Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are an iconic way to incorporate concrete into your home decor. Concrete dries solid as a rock and displays a modern and industrial aesthetic. Add in the benefit that concrete can be acid-stained, etched, stamped, and sealed, you have many options to customize the look of your kitchen. 

To properly install and fabricate your countertops, call in a professional concrete contractor. Pouring concrete and building the framework to encase the countertop while it dries is not a project you should DIY.

2. Concrete Sink

If the idea of a countertop of concrete seems like too much concrete, consider a concrete sink. You receive the benefit of adding an industrial touch to the kitchen without having to commit to the whole countertop. You can also use a concrete sink in your bathroom.

Whether you use concrete in its polished finish or keep the raw look, it will look great and start conversations! 

3. Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are versatile enough to grace your patio, your garage, or even the interior of your home. In new construction, you can add radiant heating to your concrete floors so that they’ll always be cozy to walk on no matter the temperature outside. 

4. Concrete Garden Accents

There are almost limitless ways to use concrete in your outdoor space. You can make planters, globes, benches, and more from concrete. You can purchase these items, or let your inner DIY-er take over. 

You can use concrete blocks and plants of wood to create a garden bench. Using those same blocks, you can arrange custom-shaped planters. Decorative concrete globes add style to your yard without breaking the bank. 

5. Concrete House Accessories

The kitchen and the bathroom aren’t the only places you can incorporate concrete inside your home. Small touches like concrete drawer pulls or bookends give your decor a unique twist. You can create or commission concrete end tables or nightstands perfect for the style of your room. 

Use Concrete in Your Home

While concrete countertops are certainly one of the most popular ways to incorporate concrete into your home, they’re not the only way. Select one of the ideas from the list for a “concrete plan” to increase the style and function of your home. 

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