Coffee Questions: How Do You Make Coffee Packaging?

Did you know that almost two-thirds of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis? Of those coffee drinkers, the average amount they consume is around three cups every day.

If you have your own coffee company, you may be wondering how to approach coffee packaging to keep your goods fresh and please your customers. Here is some information and tips on how to find the best packaging for your next coffee care package.

Create an Eye-Catching Design

If you want your coffee packaging design to stand out from the crowd, you should create something that draws the eye. A distinct brand label associated with your unique coffee can lead to a loyal customer base.

You should stick to a color palette that works well with your brand. For example, if you have bold coffee flavors, then you should incorporate that into your coffee packaging design with colors and fonts that stand out.

Keep the Beans Fresh

Once the beans go through the roasting process, they have a limited time to remain fresh before they start to go stale. One of the most popular methods for preserving freshness is vacuum sealing the coffee bags to suck all of the oxygen out.

You also need to think about coffee packaging bags depending on whether you sell whole beans or ground coffee. Ground coffee tends to go stale more quickly than whole bean coffee.

Different Packaging for Different Usage

Your coffee packaging should suit your customers’ needs. If you run a small roastery and your customers only want fresh beans, then you can usually get away with a coffee care package made of paper. Since the beans will be used right away, you do not have to worry about preserving them.

However, if you sell bulk beans or grounds, then you need to use a coffee packaging machine for much larger quantities.

Find the Right Machinery

When you produce large amounts of coffee, you may need to stop packaging by hand and use machinery to get the job done faster. For instance, if you ship your coffee in cases all over the country, you may need to invest in a good case packer.

You also need to find a way to preserve your beans or grounds so that they do not go stale. In this case, you may need a packaging machine that vacuum seals your coffee so it can stay fresh for weeks or months when it hits store shelves.

Know All About Coffee Packaging

Whether you own a coffee company or you are simply an enthusiast, coffee packaging is one of the most important parts of producing a great-tasting cup of coffee. With these facts about coffee packaging, you can produce the best coffee packaging design for your brand.

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