Best Omega Watches to Invest in 2022

When it comes to luxurious brands of watches, Omega will always be on the list. Most watch collectors consider Omega watches the “must-have” timepieces. They established the brand centuries ago and became popular because of the quality watches they produce.

Being in the industry for many years, Omega has produced several models of watches. With the overwhelming number of timepieces they offer, it might be hard for you to find the best. Do not worry. We are here to help. Listed below are some of the best Omega watches you should invest in this year. Scroll down to know more!

Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

Let’s start with one of the finest Omega watches around. The name “Seamaster” entails that this timepiece is made specifically for divers. Most divers watching out there can only go no deeper than 300m. But, if you want to take your driving experience to the next level, this Seamaster Ploprof 1200M got you covered.

After releasing this Omega watch model in the market in the 1970s, many divers were impressed by its functionalities. Beyond having a durable case design, this timepiece can also resist extreme pressure for long hours.

This watch looks unique, which made it well-known. But, what made this model more popular is the features it offers. In 2009, Omega released their improved version of this Seamaster Ploprof 1200M to meet its high market demand. The new model is now 3mm taller and 1mm wider than before. Other than that, the proportion and appearance of the timepiece still look the same.

Best Models of Omega Watches

Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

Omega is known for making watches with simple designs. Despite that, their timepieces provide you with more than its look. This model is the ideal watch for all watch enthusiasts out there, with a size of 43.5mm.

Although this watch is designed for divers, many also wear it on casual occasions. Beyond that, it also comes with a date window and GMT feature. That is why many consider it as the must-have watch for every watch collector.

Seamaster Railmaster

A pretty different watch model from Omega is the Seamaster Railmaster. This model was launched in public in 1967 together with Seamaster and Speedmaster. During that time, many disliked the unglamorous look of this model. But even though it does not have the glamour like the other models, this one is equipped with many functions.

Seamaster Railmaster is an ideal timepiece for those working in magnetic fields. This model is the perfect entry for Omega to compete with IWC Ingenieur and Rolex Milgauss.

In 2017, Omega released their improved version of Seamaster Railmaster. The updated model features a denim NATO strap that complements its blue-colored dial. Although it features a NATO strap that is quite hard to style, this Omega watch looks elegant in any outfit.

Seamaster 300

Almost all famous watch manufacturers have produced rose gold- or gold-finished models. Well, Omega is one of those. One of their fancy-looking Sedna gold-finished timepieces is this Seamaster 300.

Omega is the only producer that incorporates Sedna gold into their watches. The combination of palladium, copper, and gold makes a stunning and good-looking Sedna gold. The unique color produced by Omega is achieved because of the high copper percentage included in it. Beyond that, they maintain the color made possible by the palladium works for several years.

Omega also integrated the Sedna gold color to the strap and hands of the watch. Since this Seamaster features a medium-sized case, measuring 41mm only, many watch wearers consider it the best model to wear when attending formal or casual parties. But since Seamaster 300 is an expensive Omega watch model, many want to wear it on formal occasions.

Aside from that, this model is also made perfect for diving enthusiasts. This Seamaster can function efficiently even under 300 meters of water depth.

Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M

Omega launched their Seamaster Aqua Terra collection in 2003. The watch models included in this collection share an elegant and distinct design. What makes this collection unique from others is that each watch model comes with either graduated or patterned dials.

Each timepiece in the Aqua Terra collection features different dial colors, strap hues, and materials. Despite being different, all of them have the same dial size, which is 41mm. However, there will always be a piece that will stand out among the rest. And in this case, the 15,000 Gauss edition won the spot.

Speedmaster Moonwatch “Dark Side of the Moonâ€

The Speedmaster is another well-known watch collection made by Omega. It was introduced in the market in 1957. Since that year, the production for this model has never stopped. Even until now, the Speedmaster has several variations that caught the attention of every watch collector.

One of its popular variations is the Speedmaster Moonwatch. It is one timepiece made in history when Apollo reached the moon. Currently, NASA flights are still using this model for spacewalking.

You might think about why they aligned a Speedmaster watch with space. Well, the initial design of this watch is like a clock. It is because of its racing and sport disciplines. Beyond that, it also features a tachymeter bezel.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch is popularized by many with the name of the “Dark Side of the Moon.†It is because of its dark, black-colored case and matte dial. The combination of the dial and case colors gives this model a stealthy appearance.


To sum it up, Omega never fails to watch enthusiasts by producing top-notch watches. Since they have been in the industry for several years, they have made different watch models. That is why most watch enthusiasts are having a hard time picking the best timepiece for them.

If you still have a hard time picking the ideal watch to pair with your casual or formal outfits, consider either the watch models we mentioned above. No matter what your decision, all the Omega watches listed will make you look stunning. Just make sure to buy from a reliable and legal distributor of Omega watches to avoid getting scammed.

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