Best Careers for an Accounting Major

Professionals in the accounting field can expect steady job growth over the next decade, with an average of 135,000 new job openings expected each year.

If you’re a student imagining your life after college, majoring in accounting is a smart choice. There are numerous opportunities and career paths for those who study accounting.

Read on to learn about some of the best careers for an accounting major.


It may be no surprise that accounting jobs including the role of accountant. But this position may offer more variety than you expected.

There are several different types of accountants, from a certified public accountant to investment accountants. And if you major in accounting as an undergrad, you can choose from roles like bookkeeper or accountant assistant.

To become an accountant with more flexibility, you may want to consider pursuing a master’s degree. This way, you have access to senior-level accounting jobs that may offer better pay and career advancement.


Many people who study accounting go on to become auditors in a range of different fields.

Auditors check for financial and reporting errors made by companies or organizations. They have the important task of making sure that a business is compliant and accurate with their money, avoiding bigger issues like committing tax violations.

You can become an entry-level auditor with a four-year degree, or you can become a senior auditor with additional education.

Payroll Clerk

Payroll professionals are an important part of any organization, especially those with a large number of employees. It’s essential to make sure workers are paid accurately and on time during each pay period.

Payroll clerks are responsible for organizing pay information and issuing paychecks accordingly. They must be good at math and experienced with tax requirements.

Payroll clerks are always in demand, whether in house or at a outsourced payroll company. Learn about payroll companies at

Budget Analyst

Accounting majors must learn the ins and outs of making and following budgets. And those skills come in handy when working as a budget analyst.

Budget analysts stay on top of a business’s budget, making sure resources are used wisely. They’re also responsible for monitoring spending and any areas where budget cuts may be necessary.

They might also create budget reports. These reports are vital when a business or organization needs funding.

Financial Advisor

If you study accounting, you could become a financial advisor, a career that offers a lot of flexibility.

Financial advisors can work for companies or individuals, and they may be hired on a full-time or freelance basis. Many who learn how to become a financial advisor go on to start their own businesses.

To become a financial advisor, you must have in-depth knowledge on taxes, investing, and how to make sound financial decisions.

Make the Most of Your Accounting Major

As an accounting major, you have a world of possibilities available to you after you graduate. From senior accounting roles to starting your own business, there’s a path perfect for you and your future.

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