An Informative Guide to the Direct Selling Companies

The direct selling industry is concerned with selling the products or services directly to the seller. In other words, the direct contact between a consumer and a seller without any involvement of the third party is referred to as direct selling or multi-level marketing. 

One such company that is known to be the best direct selling company in its niche is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. It deals in nutritional, lifestyle, wellness and health care products. 

Moving forward, we would be discussing the structure of the direct selling industry in this article.

What are the types of Direct Sales?

Direct Sales is of two types, namely single-level sales and multi-level sales. In single-level sales, a salesperson sells the products and earns a commission. For example, a shopkeeper sells something and gets the commission from the product he sold.

Whereas in multi-level sales, a salesperson does not sell the products alone, he recruits other salespeople. Then the commission that has been earned on selling a product is then distributed among all the salespeople. 

What are the advantages of Direct selling?

Mentioned below are the advantages of the direct selling industry :

  1. Strong Customer Relationship

Since the direct selling industry requires you to have direct contact with the customers, it also ensures long-lasting relationships. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is a direct selling company that maintains stronger relations with its customers. 

  1. Promising Business Model

There has been massive growth in the direct selling industry over the past few years. An annual growth rate was recorded up to 1.7% between 2015 to 2018. 

  1. Better Personalization 

A direct seller usually has an idea about his customer’s likes and preferences. It becomes quite convenient for the seller to provide personalized and relevant offers to the customers. 

  1. Higher Margins

The significant advantage of the direct selling industry is that the company earns all the revenue. Hence, the company need not divide it among any of the third parties. 

  1. Better control at each stage of customer interaction

An indirect selling industry usually faces the problem of flexibility in control due to the presence of a middleman, whereas, a direct selling company like Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited has complete control over the product’s price. 

What methods can a direct selling industry adopt? 

There are mainly three methods that a direct selling industry can adopt such as online sales, one-on-one sales, and party plan sales. 

  • Online sales 

Direct selling could easily be done from the internet by offering the products and services on the website. This could be the best option for the local representatives and the small businesses to sell their products. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is the perfect example of directly selling products online.

  • One-to-one sales

This method requires in-person communication between the customer and the seller. The salesperson goes for an individual business meeting with the client. Or he wanders from door-to-door to sell the products to potential customers.

  • Party plan sales

In this method, a group of customers is assembled by the sellers to sell a product. The sales that take place in the crowd give a complete feeling of celebration. 


So, as discussed, more than indirect selling companies, there are more significant benefits and flexibility control for the direct selling companies like Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. 

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