A Quick Guide to the Dangers of EMF Exposure

EMF exposure has gained some prominence in current events recently, but there’s a lot of misinformation about there about the effects of EMF and the probability of being exposed to it. It’s not all conspiracy theories about 5G!

So, what exactly is EMF? And is exposure to EMF a problem? Read on to find out about the possible dangers of EMF exposure.

What Is EMF?

EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic fields. There have always been electromagnetic waves on Earth, because of the fields generated by the sun. Once humans figured out how to harness electricity in the early 20th century, EMF became more of a factor in our lives.

Most forms of EMF aren’t harmful if you’re exposed to them. In fact, you’re exposed to these fields on an everyday basis.

There are also different forms of EMF exposure. Some EMF exposure is radiation, which can actually be dangerous. For example, some high-energy ultraviolet rays could eventually cause health issues if you’re repeatedly exposed to them.

Some of the health effects that can spring up due to exposure to radiation include hair loss, damage to your skin, organs, and bones, cancer, and more. Radiation exposure can be particularly dangerous for pregnant people since it can cause damage to the unborn fetus or miscarriage.

Acute exposure to radiation can lead to radiation poisoning and death. However, you really won’t be at risk for radiation poisoning unless you work at a nuclear facility or another place that actively handles extremely radioactive materials. People in those circumstances are highly trained to interact with these materials safely.

How to Protect Yourself From EMF Exposure

If you’re concerned about the dangers of EMF exposure, there are ways to protect yourself. Really, you just need to avoid extreme exposure to high amounts of EMF.

But, if you’re feeling paranoid, there are other measures you could consider. You can look into purchasing EMF protective equipment. One great source is emf-protection.com.

Some people believe that turning off your WiFi and cell phone service at night can help cut down on your exposure to EMF. Others believe you should shy away from using WiFi entirely and stick to using Ethernet internet services in your home. There are even people who turn off their breakers at night or avoid internet and electricity service to their home entirely

While it’s technically true that these devices admit small amounts of EMF, the EMF emitted by these devices are extremely unlikely to cause any sort of health issues for you. So, it’s really not necessary to make drastic changes to your lifestyle in order to avoid EMF exposure in your everyday life.

EMF Exposure: Now You Know

While EMF exposure shouldn’t be your number one worry, you still may want to take measures to take care of yourself. You can use these tips to put yourself on the right path.

Are you searching around for additional health and wellness tips? Keep reading the rest of this blog for more of what you need to know.