A Quick Guide to Live Streaming Equipment for Sports

Google says that about 30% of sports fans live stream sporting events on a tablet or phone.

Live streaming is the way to consume sports content. It’s less expensive than cable plans, and live streaming offers more options to viewers, such as chat and in-game statistics.

It’s also a great way for every team to connect with local audiences without a TV contract, whether you have a high school sports team or a semi-professional club.

You’ll need to have a few things in place, such as streaming equipment and a broadcast plan.

If you’re ready to make your sports team more accessible, keep reading. Find out what the best equipment is to live stream sporting events.

Live Streaming Budget

What kind of budget do you have available? What kind of quality do you want your live streams to have?

Sports live stream can be as simple as a single camera and a microphone tracking all of the action. It’s a simple and cheap solution, but the live streams will lack the quality your audience deserves.

The camera has to be placed far from the action so the camera person can pan from left to right to keep up with the game.

A multicamera setup brings viewers closer to the action and keeps the game interesting. It also costs more to set up because you need more cameras and a switcher to change camera views.

Live Stream Platforms

Where will you broadcast your live streams? YouTube gives you a much broader audience and it gives you the best chance to reach viewers all over the world.

It’s possible to stream sporting events on your website. This is good if you want to grow site traffic. It also gives you the chance to hold content behind a paywall so people have to pay for access to the live stream.

Twitch and Facebook are other platforms for live streams.

Sports Live Streaming Equipment

Look at the venue of the live stream. Map out the best places for cameras. For soccer and basketball, one camera should be at the top to give viewers a bird’s eye view.

Other cameras should be placed closer to the game. You might want one camera on the sidelines to get reaction shots or cameras behind the goals or baskets to capture scoring plays.

You can start with a switcher, iOS devices, a tripod for each one, external lenses, microphones, and an audio mixer. The most important thing you’ll need for the live stream is an internet connection.

There are vendors that specialize in live streaming. They live stream high school sports and other events. This is an option if you want professional live streams but don’t want to invest in expensive equipment.

The Best Equipment for Live Streaming Sports

If you want to live stream sports, you have a couple of options. You can invest in streaming equipment or you can use a live streaming vendor.

Both are viable options, but a streaming vendor gives your live streams a professional look without the expensive equipment costs.

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