7 Ways a Freight Forwarder Can Benefit Your Business

So you’re thinking about expanding your business to have a more global reach?

You can certainly try to handle the complexities of international logistics on your own. After all, there’s nothing to stop you. But why go it alone, when you can hire a freight forwarder to do all the legwork for you?

Keep reading to learn about seven ways that freight forwarders can benefit your company.

1. Secure Shipping

When you hire a freight forwarder, you know that your goods are in safe hands.

Business shipping is always a big leap because it involves entrusting your products to a third party for transportation around the country or overseas. But freight forwarders have the necessary equipment and experience to safely handle goods transport at every point in the logistics network.

Whether it’s fragile goods or bulk shipping, a freight forwarder has the know-how to get your products where they need to go.

2. Fast Delivery

The logistics business is all about timely transport because customers expect delivery on time. Companies can lose business due to delayed shipments.

A good freight forwarding company has the resources and knowledge to ensure a streamlined delivery process. Even better, an experienced freight forwarder knows how to recover packages that have been lost in transit—and this has been a lifesaver for many businesses.

3. Cargo Tracking

Efficient cargo tracking is a must in today’s fast-paced and hectic logistics industry.

Lost merchandise can sink a company’s prospects with a new customer. It can even be a devastating hit if the shipment represented a sizable investment for a fledgling business. Freight forwarders have sophisticated tracking systems to prevent this from happening. From origination to destination, they’ll keep an eye on your goods the entire way.

4. Accurate Documentation

Paperwork is an important part of logistics. But it can also be a serious headache, particularly when logistics are not part of a company’s core competency.

Paperwork and proper documentation is all in a day’s work for freight forwarders. To avoid the delays and holdups caused by inaccurate documentation and incomplete paperwork, hiring a freight forwarder and customs broker is your best option.

5. Secure Storage

Freight forwarding isn’t just about shipping goods around the country and overseas. Warehousing is an important component of any logistics business because there are times when goods must be securely stored and staged before transport.

For smaller businesses, sometimes it’s an economical option to store large quantities of goods in a freight forwarder’s warehousing facilities prior to shipping. The goods are safe and secure, and ready to be picked and shipped at a moment’s notice.

6. Cost-Effective Transportation

Cost-effective shipping is one of the major benefits of hiring a freight forwarder.

A forwarder has many more shipping methods available to get your shipment to its destination. Of course, they can also consolidate shipments from many different clients, which helps to lower the price. Most forwarders will offer discounts for larger shipments and regular bulk shipping.

7. Inventory Control

Finally, don’t forget that good freight forwarders have large transcontinental networks and shipping operations. They can consolidate different shipping activities under a single hierarchy, and this includes managing product inventory.

Swift and efficient services: these are the benefits that a freight forwarder can bring to your business.

Hire a Freight Forwarder Today

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate already. Dealing with the intricacies and hassles of shipping is just another unnecessary headache.

That’s why you should leave it to a freight forwarder. After all, it’s their job to make your life easier.

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