7 Unique Christian Apps to Try Out

The average person picks up their phones 58 times per day. What better place to have content that is uplifting, positive, and wholesome? Christian apps are designed to meet people where they are at and help them live a lifestyle of worship. If you’re looking for some meaningful apps for your phone, read on as we look at seven apps that can transform some of the time we spend on our phones.

1. Daily Worship Devotional

Glorify is one of the worship apps that makes it simple to connect with God every day and develop a habit of daily worship. Read the daily Bible passage and devotional, reflect on the truths in daily reflection and connect with God and others through prayer – all in the app. Glorify tracks your daily worship progress.

2. Beautify Your Phone With Truth

Life is busy and it is sometimes hard to remember the encouragement we’re holding on to for the day. A beautifully simple way to help you focus on what God has said to you is to use Christian wallpaper on your device. Each time you open it up to send a text or check your To Do’s, you’ll be reminded of why you can have hope.

3. Backing Tracks for Worship

Band-In-Hand (B.I.H) offers you the full band sound when you don’t have a band handy to create music for worship. The app is free to download and the songs are purchased separately. With the ability to change the song key and create your own mix per song, this app is a fantastic digital worship partner.

4. Store Up Scripture

YouVersion is one of the popular Bible apps as it features tons of reading plans, access to most versions of the Bible, and the ability to interact with friends. It also has an in-built feature to create verse images and share them online.

5. For Audiobook Fans

ChristianAudio is an app that features Christian content only. Beautifully designed, it offers access to a comprehensive library of Christian content. With a free audiobook as a gift every month, this is a fantastic app for lovers of audiobooks that are looking for wholesome content.

6. Family-friendly Movie Streaming

Pure Flix is a movie streaming service that features Christian movies. It offers families the freedom to watch movies together without worrying about inappropriate content. Family movie nights just got a whole lot simpler!

7. PrayerMate

Worship as a lifestyle covers all aspects of your life with God. An important part of a lifestyle of worship is conversation with God or praying. Track your prayer life with PrayerMate, an app that allows you to enter your prayer requests. Set daily reminders that pop up as index cards with different prayer items. Another feature of this app is a prayer gallery.

Why Use Christian Apps?

Christian apps are an injection of positive, wholesomeness into our lives that can deepen our faith, encourage us at all times of the day and make a big difference in our lives. There is an app for every need. Find those that work for you and watch your spiritual life thrive.

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