7 Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad

Perhaps the romance of a blossoming long-distance relationship makes you consider moving abroad. Maybe it is the pull of an offer for your dream job. Or you might simply be seeking a fresh new start in a new country.

Whatever your motivation, you’ll need to start planning early to ensure the process is smooth and stress-free.

We are here to help. Here are our seven top things to add to your to-do list in preparation for your big move.

1. Do You Have Personal Connections?

Moving to a foreign country can feel daunting. Sometimes it can make people feel very isolated. So before firming up your plans to move abroad, it’s worth considering the social aspect of your new adventure.

Do you have an established group of contacts? Will you be moving into an apartment on your own or moving in with other people?

If you are concerned about social isolation, it’s worth considering flat sharing for the initial period when you move so that you can get to know the locals and build up a friendship network.

2. What Visa Do You Need?

Each country has different visa requirements. In some countries, you might have the added complexity of laws that cross country borders, such as is the case with the EU.

Find out the legal requirements long in advance of your move date. You might need proof for your visa application such as a work invitation, income, or acceptance at an educational institute.

Allow ample time to collate the documents you need to avoid delaying your visa approval.

3. Are You Fluent In The Local Language?

Integrating into a new country and culture sometimes means learning a language. It’s the best way to settle in a new country, and it’s worth practicing your language skills before you go.

Consider taking an in-person or online language class. There are even free language apps that you can use to give you the basics if you are learning from scratch.

4. Your Banking Arrangements

You’ll probably need to open an international bank account for your new country to pay for bills and receive any income from your work. But you might need specific paperwork before you can fully set up with a bank.

Go online and research the most popular banks that operate in your new country. Read through their application process and ensure you have all the paperwork to hand before you travel.

5. Transporting Belongings

Moving belongings can incur a high cost depending on the size and distance. Be honest before you go about what you need to take with you. And get quotes from long distance movers, so you have an idea of costs.

Do you have a friend or family who can look after some of your furniture when you love abroad? Or can you pay for long-term storage for some of your more bulky pieces of furniture?

6. Securing A Job

Some country visa rules will require you to have a full-time permanent job before you move. In any case, it’s sensible to start looking for work before you make a move abroad, as it will give you immediate financial security.

7. Health Services

Find out the rules on healthcare in your new country of residence. Some countries have free healthcare for their citizens, while others have state or private insurance schemes. That is something to organize in advance.

Avoid the mistake of arriving in your new home without the proper health cover, in case you should be unlucky enough to need it on day one.

Plan Properly Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad might be one of the most exciting and life-changing decisions you have ever made. But it doesn’t come without stress. That’s why it pays to plan, and these seven tips will help you do that.

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