7 Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Expert

Did you know there are over 4 million blog posts published every day? How is your business supposed to compete with that? You could be producing some amazing content on your website, but people might not even be seeing it!

This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you want to successfully drive online traffic to your website, you’ve got to use it.

Luckily for you, it’s pretty easy to hire an SEO expert! The problem is actually figuring out how to choose one. With the rise of the internet and the need for SEO, there are a lot of people who claim to be experts.

Here are 7 factors to consider when hiring an SEO expert to make sure they’re fit to do the job.

1. Agencies with SEO Expertise

Lots of agencies offer a range of marketing services, including SEO. But the agencies with the best SEO capabilities spend a lot of effort on perfecting it and will offer it as their main service. If SEO isn’t the agency’s expertise, take your business somewhere else.

An example of a great SEO agency is ducktoes.com.

2. Positive Reputation

This may seem obvious, but good agencies will have good reputations. Check out the reviews of an agency before you hire them. If you’re not sure how legitimate the reviews are, have a look at their past and current clients, and contact them as references.

3. Legitimate Practices

Some phony SEO agencies will use invisible text, keyword stuffing, and other practices which search engines do not approve of. They do this to illegitimately boost result rankings. If search engines flag a site as using these methods, the site will be punished.

Don’t risk your site being removed from search engines because of a scamming SEO agency! Make sure you’re hiring legitimate services.

4. Too Good To Be True

If it seems too good to be true, it is. There isn’t a secret to SEO that will make your site immediately appear at the top of search engine results. Any agency that is promising you this will either not be able to deliver, or is scamming you.

Look for promises of realistic results.

5. Experience in the Industry

It’s not that a brand new agency isn’t capable of good SEO. But in this case, a company that has spent several years fine-tuning its methods is usually more knowledgeable. And for an SEO writer, this can make them better at their job.

6. Communication is Key

An SEO agency that is worth your time will communicate with you. They need to gather their research by talking to you about your clients and goals. If they don’t, they may be making plans that don’t align with what you want.

They should also communicate their plan to you. They can tell you what tools they plan to use, how these tools work, and what results you can expect. If they plan on making changes to your website, they will communicate those changes to you before they make them.

7. Portfolio of Work

Reputable SEO agencies will be able to provide you with case studies of their work. They should be able to show you how they improved online traffic and rankings for their clients or examples of their SEO content.

Hiring an SEO Expert

Keep these considerations in mind. They’ll help you hire a good SEO expert, and make sure you avoid the phony ones. Good SEO means better business, so this is not a process to take lightly.

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