6 Tips on Creating an Instagram Marketing Campaign for Your Business

With one billion monthly active users, Instagram should be a vital part of any plan for marketing your business online. 

Running a successful Instagram marketing campaign is a reliable way to boost your business. More followers mean more customers, which means more profit for your company!

Keep reading to learn 6 tips on creating a successful Instagram marketing campaign for your business. 

1. Set Goals

A campaign without direction isn’t going to get great results, so make sure you know what you want. Think about who exactly your target audience is, and what impact you want this campaign to have on your business. Next, make sure you know how to track if you’re on target to meet these goals.

One of the benefits of social media marketing, and specifically marketing with Instagram, is that you can see insights into your content. Make sure you’re set up as a business account for this. You can use these insights to fine-tune your campaign as you progress through it.  

2. Vary Your Content

You should have a schedule of regular Instagram posts planned well in advance. This schedule should include all types of content, to draw in as many users as possible. Instagram has a range of content types for you to post, from stories, to single-frame or carousel posts, to reels, and even longer videos for IGTV.

While they’re not the platform’s focus anymore, don’t neglect your posts to your feed. Instagram’s updated features let you post up to 10 images in one post, and you can get creative with these. To perfect your carousel posts, follow these tips

3. Sponsored Ads

One of the greatest ways to get your content out to wider audiences is to pay Instagram to promote them. Instagram uses its information on users to promote your content to people who are most likely to engage with it. 

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help with organic discovery of content. People who find your content through hashtags are more likely to engage because you are producing content they have actively gone searching for. 

There is a delicate balance for hashtags though. Too many on a post is distracting, but you need enough to cover your bases. 

5. Influencer Promotions

One of the benefits of Instagram marketing is that you can hire influencers to promote your business. Keep in mind the audience you want to attract, and find influencers who already have that audience.

6. Encourage User Engagement

Engaging boosts your profile, so it will be favored by Instagram’s algorithm and promoted to more users. If your followers are commenting on your content, like and reply to their comments! Post questions and engage with their answers. 

Creating an Instagram Marketing Campaign for Your Business

A successful Instagram marketing campaign will bring loads of traffic to your business. This traffic brings you more customers, and helps you expand your business. Use these tips to improve your Instagram marketing today!

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