6 Reasons to Take a Vacation to Townsville

Are you planning your next vacation? Have you considered adding Townsville to the itinerary?

Townsville is one of the biggest and best cities in Queensland, but what is there to actually do there? Read on to find out the top reasons to take a visit to Townsville.

1. Enjoy The Weather

If you’re feeling chilly, Townsville is a great place to visit. Townsville is one of the sunniest cities in the country, which makes it perfect for people trying to avoid long, dreary winters. 

Are you searching for a place to stay in Townsville? There are lots of options for you. Read more here to start planning your trip.

2. Explore Nature

Townsville is home to many amazing natural sites you can explore. Townsville offers easy and convenient access to the Great Barrier Reef.

That’s not the only nature you can explore when you visit Townsville. Stroll along the boardwalk and admire the beauty of the coast. Climb up Castle Hill to get some exercise while you’re on vacation. You can also take trips out to Magnetic Island or Wallaman Falls while you’re in the vicinity. 

3. Get Some Eats

If you’re a foodie, you’re in luck. Townsville restaurants are some of the best on the entire continent. Fans of Mexican food will enjoy the great restaurant options available to them.

People who prefer to drink their calories can explore one of the many great breweries available in Townsville. You can sample delicious cocktails on many different patios. To cool down, snack on some gelato or ice cream at one of the cafes along the Strand.

4. Enjoy Sports

Football fans can attend North Queensland Toyota Cowboys games while they visit Townsville. But, that’s not the only opinion when it comes to enjoying sports in Townsville.

There are several different running and triathlon festivals held in Townsville. Basketball fans will want to check out a Townsville Fire game. There are also Australian Rules football options in the area, if you’re interested.

5. Check Out Some Art

Art lovers will love exploring the streets that cover Townsville. Famous artists have even participated in the street art scene.

For even more art, make sure that you check out the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Other galleries you can explore include Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, Pinnacles Gallery, The Drill Hall Studio, and the Museum of Underwater Art.

6. Learn Some Things

There are a lot of great museums in Townsville for you to explore. The Museum of Tropical Queensland can help you learn about the natural attractions of the area.

To learn about history, take a look at the Townsville Museum and Historical Society, the Maritime Museum of Townsville, or the Army Museum North Queensland.

Plan Your Visit To Townsville Today

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Townsville. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation today.

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